March 2, 2011

Only 11-15 weeks left (what?!?!)

I had to edit my title, it had said 9-15 weeks left which is untrue, I won't be considered full term until 36 weeks which is 11 weeks away, not nine.  I've never been good at math :P

  • Weighty Issues: Still up a total of 21lbs. 
  • Stretch Marks: I've stopped paying attention to the ones on my breasts, none on the belly.....yet. Yes I apply lotion daily, yes I know lotion can't prevent stretch marks, yes I will continue applying lotion anyway! :)
  • Sleep: I've got to figure out how to fall back asleep after I get up to pee!  Last night I went to bed at 9pm and it was heaven!
  • Best Moment this week: Hmmm it's been uneventful which compared to last week is really nice!  I'm loving all his kicks and when I can feel him rolling around!
  • Food: Same old, same old.  I'm a big veggie fan lately which is good!
  • Clothes: Maternity, period.  I tried to wear a few non-maternity clothes over the last few days and it was just uncomfortable!  I have several (5) maternity dresses I'm dying to wear if Spring ever comes to the Rockies (it snowed 5 inches in town last night, booo)
  • Labor signs: God forbid! Unfortunately I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions a couple weeks ago, hopefully I never have more!
  • Belly Button:  I just checked it the top is starting to come out, I'm surprised it made it this long truthfully.
  • What I miss: Nothing is worth missing.
  • What I’m looking forward too: I've decided to stop looking forward and just enjoy where I am, happily pregnant.
  • Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!" this is especially true this week.
  • Weekly WTF: WFT husband who used to be way more helpful!?!  I love you but when I was more sick you were way more helpful!  I'm considering coming down with a cold, *cough, cough*
  • Nesting: It's begun!  I made two dinners tonight so I wouldn't have to cook later in the week and I'm researching how to make meals in advance and freeze them!
  • Milestones:  My book says he will flip head down soon and stay there until he's born! What!?!  That is 11-15ish weeks, crazy!
For more on the development of a 25 week baby go here.

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