March 30, 2011

29 Weeks, how did that happen!?

  • Weighty Issues: As far as I know I'm still up 21lbs, next weigh-in is in one week at my next appt.
  • Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report.
  • Sleep: Getting more and more difficult.
  • Best Moment this week: V and I were laying on the sofa the other night (my head on his lap) watching a movie, I had the belly out in all it's glory and little guy was kicking, I whispered to V to look and pointed and suddenly little guy gave a super hard kick, it was like a good inch of my belly popped out.  We both laughed so hard and I cried a few happy tears.
  • Food: Umm I'm really digging Doritos lately, I hope I haven't indulged too often this week, that and I really love coca!
  • Clothes: Maternity, period. I have my dresses for both of my showers, I'm so excited!
  • Labor signs: God forbid! Unfortunately I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions a couple weeks ago, hopefully I never have more!
  • Belly Button: Is pretty much out, you can even see it though my shirts, LOL!  I totally thought I'd be all self conscience about it and put a band aid over it but I don't really care.
  • What I miss: Not that much really, although I would love to sleep through the night, I imagine I'll feel that way for several more months ;)
  • What I’m looking forward too: Next week; I'm getting a hair cut (Monday), a Mani/Pedi (Thursday) and my first shower is Saturday!
  • Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!" this is especially true this week. And Chiros help!
  • Weekly WTF: I got nothing this week.
  • Nesting: Is in progress!! I have moments where I'm cleaning something random and I really can't's weird!
  • Milestones: Today is 3/29 and I'm exactly 29 weeks pregnant.  Each day is another day I get to spend growing him and keeping him safe, it's so special to me.  He's currently about 2.5 lbs and roughly 15 inches *melts*
  • For more on the development of a 29 week old baby click HERE.

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