March 17, 2011

Diabetes...the Gestational kind

March 15th was my wedding anniversary (3 years!), side thougth I should have blogged about that, whoops.  Anyway it was also the day of my 27 week dr appointment (which you probably already read about) and my 1hr Gestational Diabetes test.....which I failed.  Bummer! 

So early this morning I scurried back to the lab to do the 3 hr fasting version of the test.  I hadn't had a bite to eat since maybe 6:30pm the night before or really anything to drink (since I was sleeping) since 8:30pm.  Brutal!  Who does that to a pregnant girl, needless to say I was a bit...ah....moody this morning.  I'm not gonna lie I was not looking forward to drinking this NASTY flat orange-soda-tasting junk.  See photo.

Not my actual drink, this image from Google but it looked identical.
Don't be fooled, it tastes horrible, especially if you don't like soda or juice like myself.  GAG!  Thankfully my bestie has a flexible work schedule and was by my side all dressed up in green for St Patrick's Day! 

The run down went like this:
8:15am blood drawn and chug nasty drink (you have only 5 mins exactly, sounds like a long time, it's not).
9:15am blood draw
10:15am blood draw
11:15am blood draw

After drinking the nasty drink bestie and I went over and registered me for Labor and Delivery (crazy!)  It was a relatively easy process and most of my paperwork was already filled out.  Unfortunately at my hospital you have to agree to the option of med students checking on you etc while in labor.  Thankfully I learned that they have to identify themselves as med students and at that time you can decline them checking you etc.  My bestie wondered why I don't want students checking me etc.  Honestly I dont' have a good answer, I just don't.  I'd like as few people in the room at all times.  Our city is fair enough size and open-minded enough that I'm sure more than enough women will allow the students to watch their births :)  We also went to peek at the babies but there were none, I'm guessing they were being fed or something. 

There was an hour in there where I felt pretty sick and was pretty sure I'm up-chuck the sugary drink and have to start all over on another day but somehow I managed to keep it down.  My bestie kept me entertained and didn't let me over focus on the Gestational Diabetes stuff so that was nice.  There was a bit of time I felt a bit like a zombie so I'm not sure I was all that entertaining for her but I am thankful beyond words that she came with me!  She made the process so much more tolerable, my philobotomist even commented, twice, how nice it was that I had someone to chat with!  I'm a lucky girl!  One couple came in to have something done and brought there dog, it was a sweet old guy who seemed just as at home there as he might anywhere else.  He was a nice distraction as well!

Now the test is over, I'm slowly nibbling on a salad and sipping water, fearful that if I eat too much at once I'll barf.  I'm tired but I think that is mostly due to the lack of nutrition (I'm sure the baby is getting all the good stuff right now and I wouldn't have it any other way!)  I should have my results by the end of the day today or tomorrow morning.  I really hope I don't have it but if I do I'm sure I can manage it with dietary changes and as my bestie pointed out it's not for all that long, you can do anything for 12.5 weeks for that little guy.  So true!


  1. Hope you are doing okay and not worrying too much. It will be fine either way. You are a
    tough cookie and for your little one, you can do this. For my first I had to have bed rest for the whole last month (blood pressure). Tough to keep me flat on my back, but I did it, for her. Sending thoughts and prayers to you little Momma. Kit

  2. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy! I'm so glad I could keep you entertained and help the time pass during that long visit. :) I am here for you no matter what. And here for that little baby too! No matter what you find out from this latest test, it'll work out just fine. Like my Mom says, you're one tough cookie! :) Love you!

  3. Way to did it! Praying for the best news and strength for whatever comes!
    Rest well...
    xo J~