March 5, 2011

Rock and Worship Roadshow 2011

Last night my bestie and I ventured to the Rock and Worship Roadshow, luckily this year it was in our hometown!  Last year it was in the next state over (two states over?), we only had to drive about 3 hours but we ended up lost in the rain, it was hectic but still fun.  This year we were both so excited to get to stay in town, knowing exactly where we were going!  After a quick meal of some "Mexican" fast food we were off to find parking, souvenirs and seats.  We got there about 45 mins early, found parking easily and a short walk later we arrived at the venue with no line! (this concert doesn't sell tickets in advance, it's cash at the door which is pretty easy since it's only $10).  We each purchased a souvenir or two (I bought a lullaby CD by Mercy Me!) and ventured off to find seats.  We just caught the end of the opening act, actually the music Pastor of my church won a contest to open the concert, it was really great to see him doing what he's called to!  We quickly sat down and we were lucky, the Fire Marshall ended up shutting the doors soon after we sat, every single seat was sold! WOW!  This is not a normal occurrence in our town, even fairly big artists don't sell out this venue (it's not huge, I'd say a few thousand seats), the last time it sold out was a few years a go for Elton John! Pretty cool to see a Christan concert sell it out!

Hours passed filled with music by the artists: Anthem Lights, The Afters, Thousand Foot Crutch, LaCrea, Jars of Clay and Mercy Me!  The variety was really nice, Thousand Foot Crutch was LOUD but that can be expected as they are what I would call heavy metal christian music, LaCrea I'd never heard of-they were Rap-ish sorta Hip Hop Christian! I can honestly say I've never enjoyed rap or hip hop until last night! It was pretty neat!  Anthem Lights, The Afters, Jars of Clay and Mercy Me are all about the same type of music though I'm not sure how to classify's my style that is for sure!

Ok enough rambling, here are some pics!  I hope if this concert was, is or will be in your area you will go, it's so worth it!

Leon Young (Worship Pastor at my church won a contest to open for the concert!)

Mercy Me

Jars of Clay


Anthem Lights

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