April 29, 2011

Happy Things

Well Peeps, you know me...when I'm fighting against the funk I post a list of happy things.  My funk is due to the impending funeral of V's Uncle and all that intails, I just can't shake a bit of anxiety so here I sit (at my work computer, LOL!) typing up a list of things that make me happy. 
Let's see what we can come up with.
  1. Sappy Country Songs.  Yep I listen to country!  It used to be my "go-to" music now it's more of an occasional thing.  Right now (literally) I'm listening to Miranda Lambert's "The House that Built Me"
  2. Colorful Highlighters.  I'm working on the most obnoxious project, the only thing about it that gives me any joy is marking it up with assorted highlighters as I mark off the finished portions.  And let's face it I'm a bit of a office supply nerd.
  3. Trashy Reality TV.  Aka "Pregnant in Heels" oh those women are train wrecks!  Last night V was watching a episode I had DVR'd, at one point he turned to me and said "I just fell in love with you all over again because you are nothing like anyone of these women."  I took that as a huge complement!
  4. Kind Words.  Let's face it, I'm up 30lbs and my body isn't what I've worked hard for it to be for so many years.  Not that it's a bad thing but you get so many unkind comments on your body when you are pregnant that you will unavoidably get down at some point.  I've been so blessed to have loved ones around me complement me throughout my pregnancy and remind me that I'm providing a great home for little guy and that I have not put on too much weight and I've maintained myself, yes in fact I still look cute! :)
  5. Coconut Lotions.  As I sit here it's lightly snowing outside, spring is no where in sight (in my eyes) BUT I can put on (and do several times a day) my coconut lotions and at least I can pretend it's spring and dare I say summery! :)
  6. Pearl Earrings.  I bought a pair of Fresh Water Pearl earrings at a jewelry party I went to about two months ago.  They are simple and oh so pretty, I just love them!
  7. May.  Next month, aka May, will be my last solid month of pregnancy and the last full month before I meet my son.  Holy Moly! And the month starts off with at least four solid days of my boss being out of town, wear jeans to work? I think I will! :)
Alright so seven things, I could do better but like I said I have that obnoxoius project that I need to work on, break time is o-v-e-r.  Have a lovely weekend Blog Peeps.

All Day Birthing Class

I'm not sure what exactly I was thinking when I choose a all-in-one-day Birthing Class over the normal four weeks of one 2-hour class/week but alas we survived and I'm here to tell you about it.

At first I was on the fence if I wanted to take one of these classes although I'm not sure why, now I'm so glad we did!

Bright and early a few Saturdays ago V and I headed off to class with two pillows in hand.  Where we live there is one (count that: ONE) hospital to deliver your baby, the other hospital doesn't do births and there is no certified birthing center here...so not a lot of options when it comes to "where will you deliver your baby". 

We arrived to a big room full of women with full round bellies and husbands who were unsure of what to expect, I would say at least 15 couples all of whom where having their first child (all single baby pregnancies and only one couple didn't know baby's gender).  I'll save you the minute-by-minute/play-by-play and say that I loved the class, as did V.  It was sweet to see V so excited, taking a few notes and being wide-eyed during some of the videos (and yes grossed out at others). 

We learned the entire spectrum of pain management options, from "comfort techniques" to the full on epidural.  We learned about different types of births from natural, un-medicated, medicated to c-section which I'm glad about!  The last thing I want to is end up having to have a c-section and being uneducated on what the entails.  We also learned and practiced different positions to push in, a room full of women laying on the floor (some with legs in the air) it was quite the sight to see!  This was super informative to me, I thought our hospital would be old-school and rigid about "lay on your back and push" but it's not!  Yay!  It was interesting to see what was comfortable for my body!  I loved how involved V was, happily practicing the massage and other comfort techniques.  At one point we (the women) were handed a bad of ice and asked to practice what comfort techniques seemed best to us for 30 seconds (by the end of that 30 seconds the ice HURT!) then we did it again with the help of the men (using massage, encouraging words etc) unknowingly for 90 seconds, to most of our surprise the 90 seconds left shorter and the pain of the cold nice in our hands not so bad!! Neat! 

There was a lot of discussion and three videos and I enjoyed it all, as did V.  At the very end we got to tour the maternity ward, I got all sappy and teary-eyed knowing this would be the place our child comes into the world shortly. (As I get teary now).  It was very comforting to get to know the rooms, the options and see some of the staff.  I even noticed my Dr was on call that day which is silly but it made me happy.

I bet you're wondering if I have a "birthing plan" like so many do these days.  The short answer is no.  I've never been in labor, I have no idea what it will be like or what I can/can't handle so I don't feel like planning that is realistic.  Do I have preferences?  You bet your sweet toushie! V and I have discussed my preferances at length and I'll write the most important ones down (and yes bring them to the hospital).  The best I can do is be open-minded and have goals, my ultimate goal being to avoid a c-section unless absolutley medically necessage.  But in the end the most important thing is that baby boy and I are healthy and safe, period.

Next up, breastfeeding class.  Like my birth-plan (or lack thereof) I hope to be able to breastfeed little guy.  I'll do my best and hope for the best and thus want to take a class in hopes of increasing my odds but if it doesn't work out that is ok too.  I think society and women put way too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to birth and breastfeeding etc.  All we can do is try and I'll do my best.

April 28, 2011

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers, right?  I sure hope so, in more ways than one.  April has been rough, I feel like I've been on a emotional roller coaster, one that would be rough without pregnancy hormones!  There has been so much sadness in the last 3 weeks, it's kinda hard to wrap my head around.  It even fogs the good news.  Fear not dear readers I'm not slipping into depression, just being real about the state of things around me.
This weekend V and I (and the belly) will venture two states over for V's uncle's funeral.  Not fun.  V's family is huge, as I've mentioned before, so there are still people I've yet to meet (I think this will be a constant state of our marriage).  This is not how I want to meet more family.  It's going to be a whorl-wind weekend with little time for extra sleep and naps, you gotta know by now how that makes me feel.  But I'll do this for V, it's what a good wife does.  She sucks it up and supports her husband and family no matter the cost to herself.
My heart is heavy for V's family, how do you even begin to process the fourth loss in ~2 months?  They have got to be numb.  I'll be there for them as much as I can but these situations are so complex and I never feel like I have the right words so I offer abundant hugs hoping that brings any sense of comfort.
So that is where I sit, literally and figuratively.  It's raining outside which is rather fitting.  I know a couple of my readers are going through some rough stuff too, I'm praying for you guys and hoping that April showers bring us all May flowers in more ways than one.

April 26, 2011

7x7 days remain!

Weighty Issues:  At my last appt I'd put on another 5lbs for a total of 30 gained, whoops should have been more like 2, oh well!  If I manage to stay on the one lb/week plan I'll be a total of 37lbs gained, still well within the standards for healthy and normal.

Stretch Marks: Belly is still doing good, I'm still putting on lotion on the days I remember.  The boobes....will never be the same, and that's ok.

Sleep: Yes please!  I seriously long for Saturday mornings so I can wake up at will.  I forsee us missing more church in the coming weeks as my body stores up extra hours of sleep before little guy comes!

Best Moment this week: Little guy has been having his own dance parties lately, I love them!  Oh and we did our birthing class (more on that later), I so loved watching V learning, taking notes and talking with the other dads :)

Food: I'm a big fan of food!  I'm trying to remain on the healthy track but I let myself induldge too.  Right at this moment I really want a big salad (so that is on the agenda for dinner, with pizza per V's request).  I'm also so in love with fruit, again!

Clothes: Maternity full time, I'd have to be off my rocker to even try on pre-pregnancy clothes at this point!  I will admit I have a few non-maternity shirts in bigger sizes I wear and I can still wear pre-preg gym shorts but that is the extent of non-maternity clothes and those are just for hanging around the house and sleeping :)

Labor signs: Only four more weeks and I'll be full term BUT until at least then no-thank-you-please!  I haven't had Braxton Hicks in months now either, yay!

Belly Button: Is still out.  I've noticed if I lay on my back (which I don't do much of these days) it will go back in.  I've also put a stop to people pushing on it, whew! Sweet relief from that!

What I miss: Ok, I really don't miss anything enough to change the situation BUT going #2 has been more difficult than ever, I really miss being "regular"!  Oh the things you take for granted in pre-pregnancy life! :)

What I’m looking forward too: I'm longing for that feeling of "ok we are ready" if such a creature exists!  My next shower is in about 1.5 weeks, I'm really looking forward to having that over so I can buy the things I'll still need and feel organized.  (Does that sound weird?)

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!"

Weekly WTF: TMI warning! WTF Hemmriods, yes you heard that right, OUCH! No fun at all! Apparently no matter how diligent you are at trying to avoid them sometimes you are just going to get them! Boooo!

Nesting: I'm waiting on shower #2 to completely go to town nesting wise....I'm in nesting limbo! LOL!

Milestones: At this point all little guy has to do is sit back and gain weight!  He is about 4lbs and 17 inches according to my book! At this point, heaven forbid, if he came early he'd be just fine probably only needing minimal time in NICU.  (Which of course we don't want but ti feels goo to know he'd be ok.)

For more on the development of a 33 week old baby click HERE.

April 23, 2011

Happy Things!

Ok, I admit I've been a bit down and a bit crabby lately.  I refuse to stay this way so I'm (once again) going to choose my attitude and post a list of Ten Happy Things (aka ten things that make me happy).  *this was written yesterday aka Friday April 22 and I forgot to post it hence the days are a bit off*

  1. Jesus!  After all Easter is truly about him!  (sorry peeps, the easter bunny is not for reals)
  2. A few weeks ago I bought a little bottle of "hawaii coconut" lotion and just found it this morning, I've been smearing it on myself all day, I smell so tropical!
  3. Tomorrow is our (all-in-one-day) Birthing Class.  I'm not sure what I was thinking signing up for the one all day class as opposed to four 2 hr classes over a month, but it is what it is!  Anyway I'm excited to learn a few things and tour the maternity ward etc with V tomorrow.
  4. I'm healthy, the baby is healthy, V is healthy.  What more can I ask for?
  5. My pedicure is starting to look a bit shabby.  Why does this make me happy? Cuz I'm gonna get another!  Haha!  In all seriousness, I normally get like one or two a year (they are $50/each here) so it's a special treat!
  6. I've been slowly finishing up little guys room, I've washed the clothes we have so far and his bedding.  I folded and put away his clothes and put his bedding on his bed....so cute!
  7. It's Friday, V and I have nothing planned so I'm thinking we'll make pizza and rent an on-demand movie and just chill.  My favorite kind of date night!
  8. I have a great bestie and great in laws who love me.  I don't a relationship with a single person I'm related to by blood (literally) so the fact that my bestie and in-laws (and many others) love me, and have no obligation to, is something I am sincerely thankful for!
  9. Strong Kicks!  They are much fewer these days at little guy grows and runs out of room.  He just (literally) gave me a good hard one, melts my heart!
  10. V.  He's been pretty darn great to me, he's picked up the slack on the chores I can't do while preg and has gotten good at doing them without being asked.  Not only that, he's taken to watching for things that are getting hard for me and offers help without being prompted.  It's sweet the way he wants to take care of me.  That and he's so in love with this little boy already, he is always talking to my belly and rubbing it, no doubt little guy will know daddy's voice! 
Ok peeps your turn!  I want to read your list of ten things that make you happy!  And Happy Easter!

April 22, 2011

Irratoinal Fears & Unspeakable Joy

These are the things running through my mind these days, oh the joys of pregnancy hormones.  I think my fears mainly stem from all the sadness surrounding me right now.  Four deaths in V's family in two months, my boss started crying in her office this morning because a friend's husband passed unexpectedly.  The list goes on and on.  It feels like there are sad things happening all around me, makes me just want to crawl in a hole and hold my belly.  I feel like he's safer there, then at the same time I'm ready for him to be "out here" because so many scary things can happen in pregnancy (remember my friend's scare like a week ago?).  I'm not trying to be a downer and I have not lost my mind, I promise.  These are the things that will unavoidably go through your mind when you are pregnant.  Let's face it there is a lot of information "out there" and we all know someone who has had a sad experience and it scares us because we are people and by nature we are social creatures.

Then there is unspeakable joy.  Like my little guys kicks.  He's starting to run out of room, I can tell because his kicks are more of rolls.  It's hard to explain but it makes them a little less frequent (which is scary at first) but it's like being in the beginning of the second trimester again where each kick (or punch) is super special because they are more rare.  The joy is unspeakable, it's like a little gift he gives me each time.  I woke up the other night worried I hadn't felt him in a bit (it was just my exhaustion clouding my mind) and he gave me a few good kicks/punches as if it say "don't worry mom!"  I can't even begin to explain the love I have for this little guy, I don't want to rush the end of my pregnancy because I do love this special time but in the same breath I am so ready to have him in my arms!

April 19, 2011

T minus 56 days

Weighty Issues: I'll be weighed again at 3pm today, I'm sure I gained a few lbs (at this point I should be gaining a pound a week and little guy should be getting half of that).  But as far as I know, because I don't weigh myself at home, I'm up a total of 25 lbs.

Stretch Marks: Belly is still stretch mark free! :)  Please God I hope I didn't just jinx myself!

Sleep: I really enjoy my weekend naps, so far I'm not too uncomfortable at night either and getting up to pee 1-4 times is just normal now so I can fall back asleep with relative ease!

Best Moment this week: While napping  with V on the sofa on Sunday little guy kicked so hard it woke me up and V (who had his hand on my belly) had this look of utter shock on his face! LOL!

Food: Fruit please!  I really love green grapes and strawberries! Oh and ice cold water....mmmmmm!

Clothes: At this point wouldn't you be concerned if I wasn't in maternity?!!? The weather is making it easier to wear my dresses and spring-like attire! Yay!  My feet have offically started to swell so I try to wear flip flops whenever possible.

Labor signs: Only five more weeks and I'll be full term BUT until at least then no-thank-you-please!

 Belly Button: Is completely out! LOL! I don't mind it though! Now several people touch it which I don't like at all, I'll have to put a stop to that!  It's not really a button people!

What I miss: Ok, I really don't miss anything enough to change the situation BUT going #2 has been more difficult than ever, I really miss being "regular"!

What I’m looking forward too:  I'm longing for that feeling of "ok we are ready" if such a creature exists!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!"

Weekly WTF: TMI warning!   WTF Hemmriods, yes you heard that right, OUCH!  No fun at all!  Apparently no matter how diligent you are at trying to avoid them sometimes you are just going to get them!  Boooo!

Nesting: I'm not sure if it's nesting but I went out and bought a baby carrier (the kind V can wear) I've really wanted one and just had to get it done.  Luckily I found a great one at a baby/children's consignment place we have. Last night between work and my birthday dinner I went through and organized the baby's room as much as possible, it felt really good!  (I know I'll have to do it again after my second shower but it was worth it!)  Other than that I'm waiting on shower #2 to completely go to town nesting wise....I'm in nesting limbo!  LOL!

Milestones: My book says he'll gain 1/2 to 1/3 of his weight in the next seven weeks, woah!

For more on the development of a 32 week old baby click HERE.

I'm trying to will Spring-like weather to our area with my clothing!

April 17, 2011

Not sure were to start...

This might be rather rambly, I apologize in advance if so.  I don't even know where to start, but I need to get some things out. 

Friday morning started out with me realizing half way to work that my cell phone was still at home charging.  For the first time EVER (literally) I decided it could stay there.  I worked the hours away while my co-workers had a spat, and around 3pm realized I should see if I had any voice mails, feeling sure I wouldn't have any I navigated logging into my voicemail from my desk phone.  Ut oh, 3 messages.....that's unusual....  V's uncle had passed away, his mom had been trying to reach me since 8am. Shit. I frantically tried to call V but my work phone comes up "unavailable", six tries later I couldn't reach him.  And of course I can't recall mom-in-laws phone number.  I literally shout to my boss in her office what is going on and tearfully ask to leave, she is so kind and allows me to leave.  I grab what I can think of and dash out.  I get home and reach mom-in-law, she and a few family members are heading 3 hours away to comfort V's aunt and help arrange funeral stuff, no need for us to head over just yet.  V's aunt (who planned my shower for the next day) was in the car and so my shower would have to be rescheduled (not a problem with me).  I finally got ahold of V as well, poor guy this is the fourth loss in his family in the last two months.  He's fine but chooses to stay at work. V is the kind of guy who needs to deal with things on his own terms so I leave him be and dask off to run some errands, we all grieve in our own way and I need to keep busy.

Before I know it Saturday is upon us, the bestie and I decide to do lunch since my shower is temporarily cancelled.  She has been so great to me I sneak off early to get her a gift before hand.  It's hard to describe my bestie well in mere words but she's the most amazing bestie a girl could ask for.  I decided she needed a thank you/congratulations you are going to be an auntie gift.  A blue ipod seemed perfectly fitting.  I tearfully explained my gratitude for her and explained it was actually a gift from the little guy.  She loved it!  Success!  We scurried off and had a great lunch full of chatter.  We ran a few errands and scored some good deals at a scrap booking place that is closing, before we knew it the afternoon was gone and I was one tired momma so we called it a day.

This morning V and I rose bight and early for church, we don't always make it these days but today just worked with ease, with a gift!  V's mom and dad had not yet returned so after church V and I ran another errand and grabbed a salad and take-and-bake pizza.  At home V spent all of four minutes (literally) assembling our amazing stroller my besite's mom got us!  It is so cool, I really wanted to take it for a walk but not wanting to risk appearing crazy we decided against it.  We ate and snuggled on the sofa eventually both of us napped at some point, while I was napping V had his hand on my belly and the little guy kicked HARD waking me up and shocking V, LOL!  The look on V's face was priceless!

That is pretty much where we are, the weekend started pretty rocky and my shower is cancelled for now but I had some really great time with my bestie and V. Tomorrow I'll be a year older, we'll see if V remembers...I've left all the hints I'm going to so it's all up to him.  Tuesday I have my 32 week appointment, I can't wait to hear the little guys heartbeat!  And a friend from high school is due with her first child on Tuesday!  Sounds like a pretty good week to me, if nothing else it will be better than last week!

April 15, 2011

Up and Up

Ok so after yesterday's whine post and some good quality time with V last night I'm feeling so much better!  Not to mention my bestie has been emailing me at work today.  (She is always so upbeat, she really helps me keep things in perspective!)  It really just helps to get things out sometimes, at least for me, it really helps me to process and not feel so overwhlemed.  I used to journal, now I have you guys. :)

So with that said I've decided to post 10 happy things, after all we can choose our attitude right?
  1. My second (and final) shower is tomorrow.  Two of V's aunts are throwing it for me, this makes me feel so special and again the love for my unborn son just humbles me to my core.  Not to mention my bestie will be my date (aka buffer and probably protector from people who say stupid things!)
  2. The weather is getting nicer, albeit slowly.  Yesterday I left work to run an errand and the sun was so warm and wonderful, the sky was half bright blue and have dark and cloudy but the sun was shining!  It was so refreshing I took the long way home!
  3. I got a pedicure, with fun details a week ago and my toes still look nice so I can sport sandals this weekend!
  4. All the people I was worried about/scared for seem to be doing well. 
  5. Next week is my birthday, I don't have plans yet (intentionally) but I know it will be nice and it will begin the year of my life that I become a Mommy!  That and I'm getting my car detailed as my gift to myself (I think this is part of nesting but I've wanted it done forever!)
  6. Today at work is going by quickly!  Tonight I'm going to ask V to assemble our amazing stroller my bestie's mom got us!  I'm dying to see it put together!  While he does that I'm going to work on a top secret gift for the loved ones in our family.  I think we'll order pizza and put on music and just enjoy a productive night!
  7. Grapes.  I am loving grapes, I've eaten green grapes everyday this week, I brought some to work and I'm about to munch on them!
  8. I'm feeling cute.  I know that sounds ridiculous but when you are carrying an extra 25lbs in front of you it becomes difficult to find things that make you feel cute, lately outfits have just worked! Yay!
  9. I can no longer wear my wedding rings, I'm bummed about this but I bought a fun fake one to wear in it's place.  While I miss my real rings I really like this one!
  10. I bought myself a massage on one of those deal websites and I've been saving it for when I want to use it.  I think I'll take a me day next week and use it!
  11. OMG how could I forget!!! Today is 60 days left until my due date, as of midnight I'll have less than 2 months until little one "should" be here!!!

Wahoo I found ten things, it was harder than I thought it would be but I did it and feel wonderful now!  Your turn, post ten (or eleven) things that are making YOU happy!  I want to read your posts!

Oh and just for fun, here is a image from the movie UP, I love movies made for 8 year olds and this one is wonderful.  Makes me smile to just think about it!

April 14, 2011

Difficult Times

I apologize in advance for the whine post that follows but I just need a place to get all this out....

This week has been really hard.  Although I have to admit 99% of the difficulties are outside of my personal life.  You see I'm one of those people that is affected by other's rough times, as in you are going through a hard time and talk to me about it and maybe you cry etc, well I'll cry too.  I've been this way for several years now and pregnancy hormones only perpetuate this.  I'm not complaining (yet) I'm just stating what might not be obvious to you about me.

So we'll start with one of my dear friends, her parents are getting divorced after 30 years and it just keeps getting messier and messier. Add to that her brother is moving across the country for an undetermined amount of time oh and her cat is dying.  Oh AND she is a pregnant (so add pregnancy hormones to the mix).  So this week is her birthday, this week her parents are fighting, her cat will be putt down and her brother left.  Not fun.

Then one of my other pregnant friends notices a decrease in her baby's movements.  Not unusual for someone later in her 3rd trimester but her dr decided to be cautious and do a Non Stress Test (for more info on those go here).  Baby failed the test, badly.  So she is sent to have a Biophysical Ultrasound (for more info on those go here).  It was a really tense day, all this started at 10am and we didn't find out until after 5pm that her baby had passed the Biophysical Ultrasound.  I was so afraid for her!  And let's not lie, I was afraid for me too, when someone in the same time frame as your pregnancy goes through something like that it in steals a bit a fear about your pregnancy too.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on this one because it's just not my place but I learned last night that one of the pastors of my church is leaving it.  This breaks my heart, while he's doing it for all the right reasons I'm selfishly sad.  He's become a big part of my, V and our unborn child's life and I already miss him.  His love and drive to serve God is inspiring and refreshing, he and his wife have become like family.  That and I'm just not good at seeing people leave in general.

Writing all that out makes me feel like not all that much has happened but it's taken an emotional toll on me.  I haven't slept well which makes me feel barfy and I'm hormonal.  I can't shake this general sad feeling.  I hate seeing those I love go through these things, even though I realize they are normal life events. 

I actually wrote this post several hours ago (shhh while at work).  I've been home for several hours with V, he made us dinner, we snuggled on the sofa and watched my girly shows and I'm feeling much better!

April 12, 2011

30+1 weeks!

Weighty Issues: I'm up a total of 25 as far as I know, next weigh-in is in one week (my appointments are now bi-weekly, crazy!)

Stretch Marks: Still just the ones in my bra-region

Sleep: Is wonderful, the last several nights I've only woken up once per night to tinkle!! WOW!

Best Moment this week: My bestie threw me the most wonderful, beautiful shower a girl could ask for! About 15 close friends attended and showered me and little guy with love!  Can't beat that! (I'll post about that soon, I need some more photos first)!

Food: I'm back to craving fruit, I think it helps that its finally in season! I have grapes, strawberries and an apple packed for work!

Clothes: Maternity, period. Just waiting on the weather to change so I can wear my capris and flip-flops!

Labor signs: Only six more weeks and I'll be full term BUT until at least then no-thank-you-please!

Belly Button: Is completely out! LOL! I don't mind it though! :)  I think you can even see it in pictures, unfortunately some people have taken to pushing on it like a button, um it's tender people!

What I miss: Nothing, my time baking this little guy is limited so I'm enoying it all!

What I’m looking forward too: My family shower is this Saturday and my bestie is attending with me, I'm a little nervous at the thought of being the center of attention for ~40 people but I'm sure it will be fine.

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!" And each pregnancy is a unique miracle no matter how many children you have (or pregnancies) treat it that way!

Weekly WTF: WFT bloody noses!  I thought I waved bye-bye to you in first tri! I don't like you!

Nesting: Um....I may have gotten lazy but it's on hold until after my shower this weekend, seems silly to put 1/2 the stuff way, ya know? 

Milestones: My book says he can now produce tears which is crazy to think about.  He's roughtly 16 inches and 3lbs!

For more on the development of a 31 week old baby click HERE.

April 6, 2011

On the Road Again

Living in the Rockies has it's advantages and disadvantages (more advantages than disadvantages!).  One disadvantage, to me, is winter. :) Or perhaps it's just my perception of how long our winters are. :)  I mean that you can't go anywhere in wintertime.  Or at least I choose not too, I limit winter travel as much as possible and especially now with the bambino on board.  It's been a long winter here too, it's still chilly and we have "winter storm warnings" frequently (although not as frequently as in say December).  I can't recall the last time I left city limits, how boring!

Anyhow it's finally warm enough to travel again, my boss needed me to come with her to another market and train one of our employees on some programs she needs to be better at before my maternity leave.  It's over 2hrs there so a fair chunk of road time.  I didn't mind too much, I love road trips and always enjoy the scenery of our state.  The cities and towns are rather spread out so you get to see some ranch land and a lot of cattle.  I love cows, they look so sweet and cuddly, although I admit I've never been all that close to one.  As the miles speed away and the boss and I chatted about everything under the sun (or so it felt) I watched the cows and their new babies, even pointing out a few of the "cuter" ones.  Thankfully my boss thinks cows are cute too or I would have looked like a total weird-o!  I so regret not taking my camera, although she may have found this extra odd! LOL!

As we approached a turn off back to a more major interstate/highway on our way home I saw the cutest of all things, a totally black calf chasing a totally white calf! (I assume it was the mommy cow not too far behind who was both black and white!)  Oh it made me giggle!

I guess I'm a simple girl and simple things make me happy but I wanted to record this before I forgot!

April 5, 2011

Three-Zero Weeks

Weighty Issues: I'm up another 4lbs for a total of 25.  If I gain 1lb/week for the duration (which is normal and expected) I'll gain a total of 35, perfectly normal and health and I'm totally ok with it.  All that matters to me is that little guy is measuring right on track and therefore totally healthy.
Stretch Marks: New little ones starting on the boobes, still none on the belly! 

Sleep: I've been sleeping like it's my job lately!  Little guy must be having a growth spirt becuase I'm exhausted all the time!  (it's ok though!)

Best Moment this week: V and I ran errands on Sunday and I over did it a bit, we gave up early and prompty got my booty resting on the sofa.  I had no sooner sat down than little guy started booting away like he was scolding me for over doing it!  It made V and I both giggle (little guy was kicking so hard you could physically see it!)

Food: I've had hot coco everyday for....too many days to count, does that count?  Other than that I've been trying to kep it under control but I really want a treats! I'm also blaming the desire for treats on a growth spirt :)

Clothes: Maternity, period. One of my friends gave me a pair of maternity work pants, it feels so nice to have something different to wear to work.  I also found some cute maternity capris at a local maternity consignment place, now if only it would warm up so I can wear them! :)

Labor signs: God forbid! Unfortunately I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions a couple weeks ago, hopefully I never have more!

Belly Button: Is totally out!  LOL!  I really don't mind it at all though! :)

What I miss: Nothing, my time baking this little guy is limited so I'm enoying it all! (which is much easier since my back pain was pretty much eliminated by visiting a Chiroprator)

What I’m looking forward too: Pedicures with my bestie tomorrow night, the toes need some serious love! And my first shower on Saturday!!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!" And each pregnancy is a unique miracle no matter how many children you have (or pregnancies) treat it that way!

Weekly WTF: I got nothing this week.

Nesting: Is temporarily suspended until I can go more than 2 hours at home without falling asleep! :)

Milestones:  I read in my book the other day that little guy has a greater than 85% chance of survival now and with each passing day that increases dramatically.  Makes me feel so specail to be growing him and protecting him right now (as I eat a healthy salad). 

For more on the development of a 30 week old baby click HERE.

April 1, 2011

A new kind of exhaustion

We've all been there; cramming for finals, red-eye flights and late night conversations have kept us up into the wee hours depriving us of sleep and leaving us zombie like the next day.  Somehow we make it through (with massive amounts of caffeine and snacks to keep our bodies running), lasting on the promise of a nap or early to bed solution later on. 

Lately I've been having the worst dreams...I've had "nightmares" my entire life, I assume they are just left overs from a violent childhood.  They are much less frequent than they used to be and honestly they hardly bother me anymore.  Well... until all these wild pregnancy hormones came into play.  For months the dreams were gone, it was a nice reprieve I won't lie.  But lately they are worse than ever, they are disturbing even to me.  The realism and crazy story-lines (crazier than before is probably a better way to word that) have shocked even me.  (They are so bad V has asked not to hear about them unless I absolutely have to get it off my chest.)  For the last few days I have woken in the morning feeling as though I've gotten no rest at all.  Add to that a fairly busy week with work and other activities and this momma is kinda a hot (luke warm perhaps) mess.  I have redefined "zombie" I swear!

This is a brand new kind of exhaustion for me.  Remember I was a on the go (go-go-go) kinda a girl pre-pregnancy, always on the run-pushing my body to it's limits most of the time.  I've worked hard to slow down, minimize my schedule and pay attention to my body and done fairly well.  But lately this is really kicking my arse.  I fully realize this is my body, nature and God's way of preparing me for the coming months of sleepless night but DANG!  I have 3 more hourof my shift at work (this particular Friday is going to be insanely slow) and I'm dying!!  The little ninja appears totally fine wiggling about, he keeps me smiling despite my sleep deprived state.  I'd do anything for this little guy already, it's hard to understand my own love for this little person I've yet to ever see but who already holds the key to my heart.  I used to think I'd most look forward to the interactive days of rasing my child(ren), but I find myself daydreaming about those first moments of simply seeing him, crying, wiggling and covered in goo, brand new to this world. I love you little bean and I'll gladly go without sleep (and many other things) for you!

This was orginally intented to be a raging rant about being exhausted, then little guy kicked-up to the wiggles a few notches and my heart melted.  He has a way of doing that to me, I can be a cranky mess and he wiggles and kicks/punches and whatever had upset me hardly matters anymore.  Hard to wrap my head around this miracle!