January 3, 2013

Setting Goals for 2013

I've decided to start setting some specific goals, and posting them here in an effort to be more accountable:

(In no specific order)
    • Financial
      • Double our savings by 12/31/13
      • Finally get V to abide by the budget WE agreed too....one can hope
      • start 529 for Liam, contribute to it monthly no matter the amount
      • open savings and contribute to it for Disney World Family Vaca in 2015 or 2016
      • Find one way/month to save more $$
    • Faith
      • Jan 3, 2013 begin "bible in a year" plan
      • finish reading entire bible 12/31/2013
      • Attend church no less than 2 times per month
      • Volunteer in nursery with Liam: June, Sept, Dec '13
    • Fitness/Health (This can also be considered "Me")
      • Three-Five 5ks
      • One 10k
      • One Half Marathon (Rock N Roll 1/2 in Portland May '13)
      • Winter: One Body Combat/Body Pump Type Class Per Week(total 52 classes)
      • Winter: One Spinning Classes (or other cardio) Per Week
      • Spring & Fall: Run two-three (four while training for Half Marathon)
      • Continue to use My Fitness Pal to maintain weight 
      • Read 10 Books
    • Liam
      • maintain "Letters to My Liam" blog (post no less than 1/week)
      • Finish Liam's First Year Scrapbook-done!
      • upload pictures to website month (end result: yearly family photo book)
      • no less than 2 "mommy and me" outings/month
      • annual family pictures (professional)
      • Donate 50% of the clothes Liam has grown out of, consign the other 50%
    • Marriage/Home
      • No less than one date night/month
      • Surprise V once a month with something small that will make him smile and feel special
      • Work to enjoy things my hubby enjoys
      • B---h less about video games (surprise him with one?)
      • Find House/Buy/Move In/Decorate
      • Find/use no less than one new healthy recipe/month
      • Create Weekly/Monthly Chore list to stay on top of cleaning better& stress less
    • Friends
      • One-Two playdates/month
      • Once in new house: host little parties quarterly 
      • No less than one girls night/month sans Liam
      • Once/month do something special for friend (low cost)

Resolutions for 2013

I haven't made a resolution in years.  At this time last year I had a six month old and was newly diagnosed with an unexplainable autoimmune disease, I figured I didn't need one more thing to work on.  I just wanted to focus on the tasks at hand and enjoying the days I was given.  And that I did!

2012 was kind to our family, while yes bad things still happened unfortunately that is just a part of life....life is both the good and the bad.  I choose to focus on the good more than the bad as much as humanly possible.  We had an incredible year with Liam; he's growing, happy and healthy...what more could I ask for?  Not only that but both V and I are in relatively good health and we've been approved to buy our first home (we have opted for the painfully slow process of building instead).  I did my first half marathon, there were camping trips and lots of laughs, I'll always look back on 2012 fondly.
thanks again google images

2013 has some big shoes to fill and I have a list of goals but only one true resolution....I want to take a closer look at my pet peeves and make sure I'm not those things.  I need to really think about them, write them down and begin the true work.  I'm certainly not saying I'll be perfect at the end of 2013 but I think there is always room for improvement.

If you have more specific resolutions I'd love to hear them, I'd happily be your cheerleader!

Much Love,