March 2, 2011

Text messages warm my soul

I was in the middle of writing a long rant about something ridiculous when my husband texts me “I love you and [baby’s name], hope you are having a good day”.  And suddenly nothing else matters.  I cannot believe I get to be the lucky girl that not only married him but makes him a daddy.  The baby and I are so lucky!  V and I may not have “it all” by the world’s standard’s but we have more love than this baby could ever need.  I cannot believe I am so overwhelmingly blessed, I feel so humbled!

My hubby isn't the most romantic man and doesn't often express a lot of emotion (and HATES texts messages) hopefully these small details will help you see why my heart over flows at just a simple gesture of love.  (And fear not, I am overly offectionate, baby will be well loved with and without words).

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