March 13, 2011

Naming a person is no small task.

Please note this is not actually me.  Thank you Google Images :)
It's kind of a intense task to approach, I mean in theory my son will have this name is entire life (assuming he doesn't hate it so much that he legally changes it at some point).  I've had names I've loved my entire life that are no longer as meaningful or special.  There are names I or V love for a moment or names one of us love and the other detest...even more challenging is naming a person with another person!!  My hubby and I have very different taste in almost everything including names for our child. 

Weeks ago I had a dream about our child, I watching him grow up it was a mix between watching a slide show or movie of it and experiencing it and in this dream he was named this name I really like.  The dream was so real and in it I watched as this beautiful baby boy became a young man and then an adult.  He was handsome and kind, we were at familiar places with family and friends, it still warms my heart to think about that dream. 

So needless to say my heart has been set on that first name since then, V has slowly allowed it to grow on him.  Then there is the issue of a middle name.  I know a lot of people use a middle name to honor someone but honestly I don't really like that idea much, I'm pretty sure that is just a weird cork I have though.  V and I had discussed it but went back and forth.  Since I am the one that has fallen in love with a first name for baby boy I gave V the wheel on the middle name.  Our child could end up with some wacky middle name but I think it's only fair and will be a neat story later.  I'll keep you posted on how that works out.

Lastly another hard part of naming a person is other people's opinions, honestly I just don't want to hear it.  You can't please everyone all the time and this is our child, I don't really care if Uncle So-and-so doesn't like our child's name. Thus V and I long ago agreed not to share our baby names until our child was actually born, part of our thought process is that the name will be a neat surprise (like our friends who don't find out the baby's gender).  Also for those who would have whatever opinion of my child's name will be distracted by the actual baby and since he'll already be named that I believe (hope) that they will be less likely to "share" their opinions.  That is what I keep telling myself anyway!

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  1. What you name your child is an intensely personal matter, so no don't worry how others will feel about the name. It is YOUR child and V's and you have the decision to make. Folks who try and sway you with THEIR likes and dislikes should be ashamed. I am sure your little boy is going to love what you pick out for him. I am sure my folks got some flack about my name, but I grew up loving it and would never change it. Can't wait to hear what you and V come up with! Kit