February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday, this could be a loaded one, let's see where this takes me.

This has been an intense week, V's family lost two members on Monday one of which was just 11 years old.  I won't lie it's not just difficult but feels impossible to see God's plan in the midst of this tragic time.  I still believe in God's plan and trust it, sometimes you just have to walk by faith and not by sight.  With that said this is my Thankful Thursday post.
  • Income.  Tonight I went to the gym and ran to the grocery story to grab a few things for a dinner I wanted to make.  I didn't think twice about if we could afford it or even about the price of the items I bought, I simply selected them and went about my way.  I know this is not the norm in our country or world, I know there are far too many who have to choose carefully the items they can afford to eat.  The unemployment rate it super high and the recovery will be a slow one (in my opinion).
  • Kicks.  This week has been a bit much, I've worked hard to keep my heart rate in check during moments of stress so baby won't feel the effects.  He's been really active and the reassurance has been amazing, I'll gladly take his kicks directly to my bladder 24 hrs at day.
  • Fridays.  Who isn't thankful for Fridays?  I think my boss is going to let us off early tomorrow, I'm going to take that time and try and hit up a yoga class then welcome the weekend by having a date night with V.
  • Sleeping in.  Since I've already got my workouts in for the week I'm going to sleep in extra on Saturday, heavenly!!
  • Bestie.  I have Saturday plans with my bestie, I can't wait to see her!  She is a great lady whom I'd be so very lost without.  I've never known a less judgemental, more loving, caring individual in my life.  She has always been there for me with open arms and honest opinions, she is a true example of love, I'm blessed just to know her.

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  1. Love your positive attitude! These are great things to be thankful for! HUGS!