July 31, 2012

Feeling Pretty {Me Time}

Since completing  my first half marathon earlier this month I'm finding it difficult to make time for myself.  I know I've said it a million times before but I don't like spending time away from Liam unless he's asleep, I'm a working mom and therefore I only get maybe 3 hours with him after work each day.  I'm blessed that V and I have similar work schedules and that Liam sleeps 12 hours at night, this allows many opportunities for me to take "me" time.

The problem lies with me actually taking the time and using it for myself.  I typically run around like a mad woman cleaning, organizing and doing things that could easily wait for another day.  I'm taking a bit of a break from running too, running is certainly me time but my body needs restoration.

Last night though I went out of my way for some Jen time.  After Liam went down I told V I was going to run errands and I intended to but my nails have been bugging me for....ever.  I'm not usually that girl that wants a manicure, sure I like them but I also enjoy doing my own nails.  Lately though my hands have been rough and my cuticles a hot mess, it was time.  I would typically want to go to a nice spa and enjoy a fancier manicure but it was 8pm on a Monday night, only the express place in the mall would still be open.  I jetted over there and after a short wait my nail were being primped and polished!  I got to sit in relative silence, enjoy some Olympics (Volley Ball) and come out feeling pretty, success....sweet success!  I no longer had time to run the errands I wanted to accomplish, all the placed I had hoped to hit up were closed and I couldn't have cared less!  I stopped at the grocery store near our home to get a few things, got gas and headed home.  I literally pranced through the door, I felt that good about myself (new moms are easy to please!) I declared no errands were accomplished, I got a manicure!  V just smiled; good!

Tonight Liam is down for the count, he's getting two more teeth (on the tops) and it's wiping him out.  V is playing video games and I think I'm going to ignore the chores I could do and look for a new book!  (V got me a kindle fire for My Birthday/Mother's Day and I love it!!! I've already read: Kisses from Katie, Girl Walks Into a Bar, Bossypants & Where You Left Me.)

I hope each of you are having a lovely Tuesday!

July 29, 2012

Weekend Adventures

It's Sunday morning, Liam is napping and V is watching the Olympics.  This weekend has been amazing!  I mean no one doesn't love weekends but sometimes they are full of chores and obligations.  As I type this I realize there is no chance of us making it to church, again.  But ya know what?  God knows the content of our hearts and I'm not waking my baby to race out the door, not today.

Friday morning G'ma picked up Liam and brought him up to the lake where most of the family had been for a good week.  I was a bit hesitant at first because they wanted him to spend the night at the campsite but a chance for a date night after work and a little extra sleep on Saturday morning made the decision for me.  We are very blessed to be surrounded by V's family, they love all of us but especially Liam and can't get enough time with him.  I have been extra run down lately so letting Liam enjoy extra time with the family while I got extra sleep seemed like a win-win.  And it was!

V usually let's me choose where we eat so that night I let him decide, he chose a local place, it was pretty good.  I was just happy to have some time with my hubby!   We had a nice time then decided to check out a new game place that had just opened.  They have go-carts, games, lasertag and more but I can't remember it all, lol!  We played some games, laughed a ton and gave our tickets to a little boy who thought he won the lottery.  It was a wonderful time!  We got home just in time to watch some of the Olympic  Games opening  ceremony celebration.

A pic I took of the view on the trail. I love this place!
Sunday morning we got up, got ready and grabbed burritos from the healthy food store here and hit the open road (with V's sister in tow, oy).  After a mere hour and half we arrived to my happy little boy beaming with joy! I hadn't been to this lake a years and forgot how beautiful it is.  Liam needed a nap so the guys (plus V's sister) went fishing while MIL and I hung out.  Everyone got back just before Liam woke up, we all ate quickly and headed off on a hike to the waterfalls in the area.  I wore Liam in  his framed pack, boy is he getting heavy!  I was hoping to use this pack next summer but I think it's only going to make it though this one! Ek!  I'm proud to say I was able to pack him both in and out!  Go me for getting some cross training in! ;)  Liam did great, he loves hiking and being outdoors!  He even napped on the way out.

After we got back to the campsite we all snacked and hung out while for a while before Liam needed another nap (he was pooped!).  I waded into the lake, oh how I regret not bring my swimsuit!  The evening went by quickly and before we knew it the time to head home had come.  We packed up Liam and all our stuff (MIL had brought quite a bit up for him) and headed back home for showers and bed time.

Today I'm tan, sore and so content!  This is how all weekends should be!  I hope each of you had a great weekend as well!

Much Love,

July 24, 2012

Post 1st Half Marathon Thoughts

Hello Peeps,
Sorry I've been a bit MIA, I'm enjoying some well deserved down time after my first marathon.  If you'd like to read my post first half marathon thoughts please hop over to my fitness blog; Wildflower Fitness.

Much Love,

July 18, 2012

What to Expect Giveaway

Hello Peeps!
I've forgotten to post about this more times than I can count but I have my first ever give away over on my Fitness Blog Wildflower Fitness.  It's for a What to Expect Book.  Please pop over and sign up, it closes Friday at midnight.
Much Love

July 9, 2012

The Day After {My First Half Marathon}

Today has been slightly surreal.  It's hard to believe that yesterday really did happen.  When my alarm went off at 6am I was completely confused and really wanted another hour of sleep!  Putting my feet to the floor was slightly painful and I was a bit stiff but I didn't have time to be stiff-life was calling!  I showered and got ready for work before Liam was awake (typical day), not gonna lie I was hobbling around!  I specifically chose to wear a dress to work and dressy sandals so I didn't have to deal with pants and heals.  After Liam was up we all ate breakfast and before we knew it the time had come to head out.

The work day was long and short all at once.  My boss and co-worker also did the half marathon (my boss did her first half marathon last year and my co-worker did her first full last year).  For every one minute of work we did we talked about the race for eight minutes, it was really funny!  My boss commented several times that we were all still on a runner's high! I could tell my body wasn't handling sitting at a desk all day well; it craved a walk, some stretching, salad and sunshine.  No dice.  Thankfully we all did go to lunch and enjoyed some Mexican food which also meant a short walk in the sun.

Finally quitting time rolled around, I thought for sure I could at least get Liam out for a quick walk right when I got us home.  No dice again, it starting to thunder before we even got around the block.  After feeding all of us, Liam needed a bath and suddenly it was 7pm and Liam was exhausted so we put him to bed.  Freedom!  V totally understood and set me free!  I went to Target and just wondered around.  I emerged to cooler temps (it had been upper 90's earlier in the day).  I returned home and walked around our neighborhood, it felt so good to just walk!  After a while I was missing my hubby so I went home and snuggled until bed time (well, I blogged just before heading to bed, wink-wink).

The funny thing is I sorta feel like I did last summer, right after having Liam.  My priority (second to taking care of my family) is listening to my body, I'm eating what I feel called to eat and, when possible, just doing what will help it heal.  I feel great now, I'm super happy and proud of this accomplishment....and just might be already planning my next (much shorter) run/race.  Hehe!!


July 8, 2012

My First Half Marathon

Bucket List Item Accomplished!

I slept surprisingly well the night before, I had gone to bed around 8:30p and would say I was out by 9:15p.  I woke up a few times during the night but nothing that I couldn't go right back to sleep, I got up right before my alarm would have gone off at 4am sharp.  I had everything I needed in the living room as to let V rest.  I must admit I enjoyed the silence and my own wondering thoughts.  It was the first time I really started to think about crossing the finish line.  After I as all dressed I stood in the bathroom and just looked at my reflection for a moment; WOW, I really did it, I'm really here and I'm about to do this!  There was no fear just a general "wow" feeling.  I ate some scrambled eggs and a tiny cup of coffee and before I knew it I had to head out.

I drove under the cover of night through our city to downtown (just blocks from our home), parked my car and scurried over to the bus line.  Luckily I ran into a friend!  We both shared nervous chatter in line and on the bus ride.  Our city was still in slumber when we arrived at the stating area.  We still had a good 40 mins so we stretched, warmed up a little and took potty breaks.  They lit off fireworks every 15 minutes as a countdown to start time, the sun wasn't up yet and it was a fitting celebration.  My friend and I parted ways as we both had different race styles.

Then at 6am sharp BOOM!  With a cannon shot the race began!  I was near the front but slower so I made sure to move to the side so others could pass.  I jogged for a few miles then decided to conseve energy and start my walk/jog pattern (not timed just according to my body's direction).  We started in a less populated area, the river was so pretty!  Even at that early hour people had come out of their homes to cheer us on!  My mother-in-law surprised me throughout the race three times!  I knew she planned the first one, the second time had me super teary (I had to pull it together quickly as to not trigger my asthma), the third time she had V and Liam!  I felt so very loved!

The first 8 or so miles of the race didn't seem that difficult, other than the fact that the race organizers didn't have as many gels as I assumed from the race material.  Until 9 I was running on mostly Gatorade! Yikes!  Finally around mile 10 I was able to get a gel pack and an orange!  It was exactly what I needed to finish the race!  Also around this time my co-worker found me!  She had some difficultly getting her training runs in so I was happy to see that she had indeed decided to do the race!

Along the race I texted V, my bestie E and another friend where I was and when I expected to be done.  The last three miles were hard and I had to walk a lot.  In the back of my mind I really hoped to finish in less than 3 hours (I knew I could do this if I kept my average of a 12 min/mile).  I promised myself I'd be happy as long as I finished the race!  The people cheering us at the end were extra nice and supportive You are doing great! Keep going! You are ALMOST there!!  They called out!  Many of them throughout the race had sprinklers out in the street for us to run through, this was especially helpful now!  I couldn't have cared less if I ruined my ipod and phone as long as I got to cool off for a minute!

Around mile 12 the first full marathoner lapped me!  He would be the winner doing 26.2 miles in 2:32!  Dang!  I rounded the last corner determined to run/jog to the finish line!  Then out of the corner of my eye was my bestie!  She had a prime spot and would take the pics I've posted below!  She kept cheering me as I slowly inched toward the finish line (I really needed her support right then!!)

 I remember hearing a stranger say Smile they are taking pictures!  But I was spent, my exhausted look was all I could give....until....the finish line, in all it's glory there it was!!!  We all had these chips on our shoes to give us official times, they also provided the announcer our names so as we crossed they would call them out, not gonna lie it was one of the most awesome moments of my life!   A metal was placed around my neck by a stranger that I really wanted to hug!  But...I hadn't seem my mother-in-law, V or Liam....had I missed them? I wondered.  I had just seen them 4 miles ago.  Then to my left there they were!  I started to ball because, well, that is who I am...it's a knee jerk reaction.  Liam was completely confused.  I was still in the "runners only" area so I told them I'd see them shortly.  I should also mention this is where I started to go into my own little world.  It was like my body was on auto pilot and high at the same time!  Thankfully you are forced to go through a area where you can get beverages and food if you choose.  I choose water and some fruit.  My co-worker found me again and we kinda half spacey chatted (I have no idea what we talked about!)

Then I passed back into the real world and out of the "runners only" area.  V, Liam, mother-in-law and bestie were all waiting to congratulate me!  I also have no recollection of what we spoke about.  I remember some pictures being taken and holding Liam though my body didn't feel strong enough to.  We went down to the runners after gig and my body was quickly coming back to reality, time to get home! 

At home I quickly showered, I've never felt so gross in my lifetime!  While Liam napped I ran out and got the food my heart desired, came home and ate with V.  It's almost 8pm now and I still haven't napped.  I'm begining to feel the wear of the day and after this I plan on hitting the hay.  It's back to the real world tomorrow, it seems so unfair to have such a life changing day today and have to work tomorrow!

This will surely be just the first of many half marathons for me!  Currently I don't plan to do a full marathon but I guess you never know!

Much Love

July 6, 2012

32ish Hours Until My FIRST Half Marathon

If I said I felt completely ready I'd be lying.  My little family unit of 3 spent the last week at the family cabin which means I've done almost no running.  The final week before a half or full marathon you aren't supposed to train hard but I would feel better if I'd gotten at least one or two runs in, but it just wasn't in the cards.

With that said, I'm as ready as I can be.  Tomorrow I'll pick up my registration info, maybe go on a sort hike for some last minute cross training (or maybe a walk), I'll have a big pasta dinner along with the powerade I've been chugging.  I have comfortable and work-out appropriate clothing and shoes...all the equipment I need.  I've worked hard for months, it's not about my time, it's just about finishing.

V is being supportive as he has been this whole time.  He, Liam, my in-laws, and bestie are planning to meet me at the end of my race.  It's funny because I imagine most people spend a lot of energy thinking about the moment they cross the finish line....I haven't.  I'm certain I'll cry because that is just who I am but other than that I haven't really thought much about, I sorta just look at this as another run (reality will surely set in when I see the thousands of people waiting to start the race too).  I am blessed to live in a beautiful city, I can't wait to do this run and as I've mentioned before I'm pretty excited to have it done too. :)

I'll surely post a few pics and the results after I have recovered!
Much Love,