March 24, 2011

Snap and Crack Fixes the Ouch!

So I've been having some back pain.  Honestly I've been having it for weeks, it comes and goes and had been super managable (just annoying).  Up until Sunday (aka 5 days ago) it just got progressively worse.  Cue me being exactly 28 weeks pregnant and it suddenly got so bad I couldn't handle it.  It pretty much felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to my left butt cheek.  The pain would randomly shoot up and down this 6 or so inch portion of my lower back/left butt cheek.  Not fun!  You should have seen the look on V's face, poor guy felt so helpless.  Thankfully he talked me out of my stubborn-ness, at least momentarily, and convinced me to call a Chiropractor. 
I wasn't a big fan of Chiroprators, actually I had taken V to one about 6mo into our marriage after he had an accident at work.  That particular Chiro was a quack and did not help my husband, in fact I'm sure he simply used up V's workman's comp insurance claim (and what our insurance would cover) with seeminly little interest in my husbands long term pain (he's still in pain to this day).  I still greatly dislike that man.  But at V's request and feeling rather helpless myself (I just kept thinking "I can't do this for 3 more months." and cried).  First I called my Dr to make sure that seeing a Chiro was his recommnedation (it was) and called around to see if I could get into anyone.  Unfortunately no one was answering their phones at 9:30am.  Really?!  Thankfully my coworker overheard me and recommned his Chiro, in my despriation I called and they had a cancellation, I could come in right then!  Wow!
I scurred over to their office, luckily just a few blocks from my work (double yay).  Before I knew it I was speaking with a very tall but kind man.  I really liked that he empahised that he wanted to make sure he could help me and there wasn't another problem causing my pain.  (And thankfully he didn't want to do X-rays, that worried me!).  Once he assessed the he felt he could help me (with just a few visits) I was shown to a odd room with some crazy looking tables.  I had to lay all sorts of funny to protect the belly while he adjusted each part of my back.  Oh the noises it made, YIKES!  Snap, Crack! The best part was I felt some immediate relief!  Wow!  He warned me I'd likely get a little sore that night, asked me to go for a walk after work to keep things from getting too stiff, then ice my back (no heating pads) and come back tomorrow for another adjustment.  A-ok with me!
I did as he asked and had V take our dogger on a walk with me then spent the evening relaxing and icing my back off and on.  I enjoyed a few girly shows (V was downstairs playing video games).  Just after I washed my face and made myself some sleepy-time tea I got a phone call from a number I didn't know.  Normally I wouldn't answer but it was 9pm so I figured it was either important or a wrong number.  Nope, it was my Chiro calling to check on me! How nice! I've never heard of this happening before.  I told him I was feeling much better but not completely free of pain, confirmed I had done as he asked and agreed that I would see him the next day.  I'm still impressed!
So the moral of the story?  Well stop being so darn stubborn, ask for help and don't be such a skeptic.  I'm so thankful for the relief I've already recieved and really looking forward to another adjustment today.  I never thought I'd say that, especially 7 months pregnant (of course I had some irrational fears about being adjusted while pregnant) but I can honestly say I will do it again and I recommend it to others, just find a good quality Chiro that you trust!


  1. So very glad you are feeling better. I used to have a problem with my sciatic nerve and it is horrible. I can feel your pain. Glad you found relief. Kit

  2. Stupid Dr. W....Im still messed up too. Loser. haha. Im so glad that you are feeling better! Can't wait to see you!