October 29, 2011

Pull your head out of....the sand.

I should have updated earlier but alas Liam got a cold and the whole week got away from me. 

After a reality check from a dear friend I pulled my head out of....the sand....and called Dr T.  Long story short he was glad to be updated but because of the size and location he said it would be fine to wait until my next appt (10/31) to have my numbers checked.  WhewWhat in the world was I thinking?  Why must I be so stubborn.  Have I already forgotten that my first numbers were life-threateningly low?  Eff self, eff.  No matter how scary I have a responsibility first to Liam and secondly to others who love me to manage this no matter how frightening it is.  I was being so selfish.  Jen you are not an Ostrich, keep your head out of the sand.

1 comment:

  1. You make me proud. :) And I am so glad he wasn't too concerned. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for great numbers! Hugs, Kit