October 4, 2011

Let the good news pour in!

As you know, because I've said it seventy-billion times at this point, I saw Dr T (hematologist extraordinaire) again yesterday...and I received more good news!  My numbers are actually normal!  We didn't expect this to happen so this is beyond good news!  On top of that I get to move down to one steroid pill per day, apparently this will be my "long term" dose but I'm so excited!  Three pills made me feel like hell, two pills and I could manage pretty well, one pill is going to be heaven!  I didn't ask what "long term" meant because I was just so happy, Dr T is really excited about how well I've responded and has good hopes that I'll be able to maintain acceptable numbers (even if they are below normal).  Apparently I'm anemic so I need some iron pills but I am so ok with that!  The only down side of yesterday's appointment was Dr T mentioning my weight was fluctuating (it has bounced around up and down ~3lbs during all my appts), I mentioned I've offically lost my baby weight but think I've platued....yep you can blame the steriods for that, they "will make it slightly more difficult to loose additional weight".  Note to self, becareful to maintian the progress you've made.

To celebrate I went out and changed my hair last night, I'm naturally a dirty blond (pun intended, wink wink, LOL!)  but I've wanted to do a warm brown with some light pieces forever so last night I went for it!  I really like it, I'm sure it will fade a little and V will like it more, poor guy....he saw a picture of me from high school where my hair was to the middle of my back, thick and blond and he's never let go of hopes that would return (it won't my hair was so heavy I'd get head aches and it's not nearly as thick anymore).  Good thing he loves me no matter the length of my hair!

I have a few friends out there waiting on some good news to come their way, I'm praying my butt off like usual and just waiting for more good news to come pouring in!  Love you friends!

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