October 15, 2011

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

According to something I saw on facebook to day is "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day".   Why, why does this have to be?  It seems so unfair that anyone would have to suffer the loss of a pregnancy or baby, ever.  I've only had one pregnancy and obviously did not suffer a loss, I can not imagine that pain and sadness and I hate that so many suffer in that place alone. 

It really bothers me when any mother (or father) complains about their children, part of me wants to point out "at least you have a child, appreciate them!"  but I suppose that is rude, perhaps it's a wake up call they need.  I've become rather critical of parents in general since I too am one.  Now that I have Liam there is nothing, I literally mean nothing, I wouldn't do so that he can have the best present and future possible.  Among doing everything for him are the basics like...oh health insurance.  This is non-negotiable to me, yet I see several people on facebook who buy stupid shit like dirt bikes and take vacations to Vegas and yet they "can't afford" insurance for their child)ren).  Gag me.  Why don't people appreciate their children more?  I don't think I feel this way simply because it wasn't easy for us to get pregnant, I truly want to be the best possible parent, why doesn't everyone feel this way?  I feel like so many have a laze-fair (whatever happens happens) attitude and it bugs me.  These children are special miracles that so many would do anything to have, please please  treat them that way!

So tonight I held Liam closer as I rocked him to sleep, I gave him extra kisses because I have too many friends still waiting for their miracle baby.

*sorry I feel like this post was a bit random*

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