October 2, 2011

I Suck at Drying Up

So...fun story....one night early last week I fell asleep on the sofa almost immediately after putting Liam down, when V was ready for bed he nudged me to get up and come to bed.  I pulled myself up off my tummy....and discovered a puddle on the sofa and my shirt, my right boob had refilled and drained from the pressure of being laid on!  I was so embarrassed, luckily V wasn't all that concerned.  But since then it's like starting this whole (very painful) process all over again!  Ouchie!  I even had to take a break from my fun day with my bestie yesterday to ice my boob, so glamorous!  Ugh.  Today feels slightly better, righty doesn't feel nearly as engorged and I think I discovered what caused the surprise increase in supply!  I had heard if you eat oats (specifically "steel cut oats", whatever that means) it can increase your supply.  Well I had eaten two of my favorite granola bars the morning of my return of supply and I did it again on Friday causing this Saturday's painful engorgement.  Needless to say I'm avoiding oats like the plague!  (side note I've never eaten "steel cut" oats so apparently regular, or even quick cook oats help your supply if you are still breastfeeding!)

In other, sorta related news, Liam is doing great on formula!  I still have my stash we are working through, he gets that exclusively at Nanna's during the week.  I imagine my stash will be gone in about two or three weeks but that means he got breast milk passed four months, it's so much more than I would have imagined I could have given him and I'm finally totally at peace with my choice.  He's growing like crazy and up to 6oz bottles now!  I really just keep to put away the small one (4oz)!  Before I know it he'll be on to solids!  Crazy!

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