October 12, 2011

Another Dr Appt Update

Welp another Monday has come and gone and thus another trip for blood work and a visit with Dr T (hematologist extraordinaire!) has also come and gone.  This week I sorta had a bad attitude about my blood work, I'm so tired of being poked every.single.Monday.  I picked up a Carmel Latte on the way to the hospital but it really didn't make me feel a ton better, I just didn't want to get stabbed again.  It didn't help that the check-in woman recognizes me and I've been in so many times I simply smile and recite all my necessary information for her without being asked.

After having my blood taken I wondered over to the Cancer Specialists office where Dr T's office is, checked in and waited.  He must have been tied up at the hospital because he was running late (which also meant I was going to be late for work, I've only submitted one hour paid time off).  I was weighed like usual, I'm down another two pounds which is nice and headed back to exam room to wait.  Thankfully Dr T came in with good news again, my platelet numbers are steady!  Last week he said he wouldn't be lowering my steroid dose but this week he told me to take one full pill on even days and a half pill on the odd days!  He also pointed out that I'm very anemic, guess I don't do anything half-assed! LOL!  He wants me on two Iron pills/day for at least a year.  Gr-eat.  Then he said he wanted to see me back next Monday again.  I was so disappointed, I really hoped I'd be able to go at least two weeks in between appointments but I smiled and he did his physical exam (checking for lumps and bumps in my lymph nodes).  Before I knew it he was walking me out.  All in all generally good news and for that I'm grateful.

I have to remind myself to be thankful because it could be so much worse, the other patients Dr T will see have cancer, I do not.  I am responding well to the steroid treatment, I feel great and can barely feel any side-effects of the steroids these days.  But it still stinks, I've had blood work and spend every Monday morning in the Cancer Specialists [of my state] office.  People keep asking me why I don't ask Dr T when I can stop coming in every week and honestly I'm not sure I can handle the answer right now.  What if he says every Monday for a year? Or worse, what if he can't give me an end date?  Even though I am healthy hearing that would make me feel chronically ill, it will scare me and make me sad.  I prefer to take it one week at a time.  Each week I take the good news and pull it in close and try hard to just enjoy the small things each day.  Today I'm healthy, I feel good, I have amazing family and friends and the cutest little boy around.  Today is a good day.


  1. So glad you're doing well! I've been mostly following along from my phone so I couldn't comment. Sending lots of t&p!

  2. Love you doll! Keep your chin up. You are a strong lady!