October 16, 2011

I don't "Diet" & Workout Post

Someone asked me if I'm dieting today at church, I laughed.  Nope.  Have I changed how I eat?  Yep, but I truly consider it a lifestyle change and not a diet.  Diets don't work (in my opinion).  Will I count calories forever? Hellz no, but for right now it's working and I'm not done yet (I want to lose another ~5lbs & tone up more).  I suppose I should take it as a compliment that someone would ask me what I'm doing but at the same time I'd hope I don't still look all pregnant and what-not considering Liam is four months old (four months, where is time going?). 

I talk about health and fitness on here a lot, at least I feel like I do, but that is because I'm passionate about it.  I so want to spend my life helping people be and become healthy.  I'm still finishing my Personal Trainer Certification (I have until December '11).  And I'm trying to work out how to do something more meaningful (and in the health field) with my life without going back to college [since I'm still paying on the student loans from my first degree].  You can clearly see my problem since I'll have to do some type of training/education to work in the health field (beyond being a Personal Trainer).

Speaking of counting calories etc I'm actually looking forward to being weighed in tomorrow when I see Dr T, I mean I might at well look forward to something about this whole thing right?  I'm not sure what I think will happen beyond that...I have two new bruises (one I can explain) so I kinda worry my numbers won't be what they need to be.  Gosh I am so sick of thinking about my platelet numbers.    Anyway my original thought was that I consider their scale to be accurate and I don't weigh myself knowing I'll be weighed on Monday mornings anyway.  I'm really hoping to break 150, we'll see.  I'm eating salads with either my lunch or dinner and snack on a ton of veggies daily, I also quit cereal that stuff is junk. (yogurt and berries replaced it). I've felt really good lately and healthy... probably more healthy than I've felt in a long time.

So while I'm here some workout updates:
  • Elliptical Trainer-- Manuel Program
    • Goal: Sweat! (achieved)
    • Resistance: 3-4 Cross ramp (incline): 9
    • 30 Minutes
    • Calories Burned: 288
    • Distance: 2 1/2 miles
    • Mood Status: Good
    • +120 sit ups (four sets of 30, variety)
  • 10/13
    • Elliptical Trainer--Cross Country Course
    • Goal: In and out! (Boss let me off early and I could only fit in 25 mins before I had to pick up Liam)
    • Resistance: 4 (can't adjust cross-ramp on this machine, boo)
    • 25 minutes
    • Calories Burned: 294
    • Distance: 2 1/2 miles
    • Mood Status: Go me, I'm covered in sweat
    • 75 sit ups variety
  • 10/15
    •  Elliptical Trianer-Manuel Program
    • Goal: kill time before yoga
    • Resistance: 2
    • Calories Burned: 171
    • Distance: 1 1/2 miles
    • One Hour Yoga I estimate ~200 calories burned
    • Mood Status: Fair (I wish yoga would have been more intense, lol)
After typing this all out I'm considering challenging myself to a weekly distance goal.  I was trying to improve my minute/mile number but I can't consistantly workout so I'm sturggling with that.  Hmm I wonder if I can do 12 miles a week....I'll have to test it out this week.

Anyone else out there care to share some of your health and fitness success tips, stories etc?

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  1. I cut out all bad carbs, which is SO hard for me! No pasta, bread, or potatoes :(