October 7, 2011

Go me!

I've mentioned before how I'm trying to loose and keep the baby weight off. Breastfeeding was amazing for this but now that I don't have that to rely on I've had to find other tools. I've also mentioned before that I use an app on my ipod touch by myfitnesspal.com, and I love it! (link to app HERE, link to website HERE) I've been using it for about two weeks and it's really helped me stay on track! Don't get me wrong, if I really want ice cream I'm gonna have it, even if I don't have any calories left, thankfully I've only done once! ;) Each day I log everything I eat, this helps me see when I'm eating too much of something (carbs) or too little of something (protein) and I can adjust mid-day. I try to get to the gym once or twice a week, if I absolutely can't make it to the gym I do my Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD at home for 20-35 minutes twice a week.

So why am I jabbering about all this? Because tonight I'm super proud of myself! Tonight V and I had a planned date night. I had an hour before V got home from work (Liam was with G'ma) so I threw in my Biggest Loser Yoga DVD for a quick 30 min yoga session, just as I finished up V got home and but one pair of "after maternity" jeans were still in the wash. I had no choice but to see if one of my pre-Liam pairs would fit. I pulled the stack of jeans from the darkest part of my closet.....gulp. Then I saw them, my favorite pair, the ones I assumed I'd never fit into again. Dare I try??? V came in just as I was slipping them on and mumbling that this was probably a bad idea....then it happened....they slide up my thighs with ease, and zippered AND buttoned with no problem!!!! WHAT!?!? Can you see me strutting around the bedroom? I giggled and said to V "you have one hot wife!!!!" to which he replied "yes honey I DO!"

I am so proud of myself! I've worked for this! Whether my weight gain was mostly swelling or not I feared never loosing it, I feared keeping it on and being unhappy with my body. It's no where near the same shape but it's getting better and better and I'm proud, I feel good, I feel healthy. It's just a really nice feeling! So ya know what? Go me! Way to go self!

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