November 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Cute Owl made of coffee beans..
Mmmm I love coffee!
Today is blissfully lazy.  The time change has us all thrown off, well at least me.  V got up early with Liam while I dozed, due to the time change I'm not sure when I got up (8:30 or's still up for discussion), when I finally arose I was starving so I made breakfast burritos, yum.  I had all these wild ideas about all the things we'd get done today but those quickly went out the window in favor of a lazy Sunday and I'm so glad. 

I have gotten a few things done, paid a few bills, organized a few small things for the week and even worked on the final draft of my Personal Trainer Certification (I've spoken about that right?  I have about 5 weeks to finish it and as long as my CPR class doesn't get cancelled I will start 2012 as a Certified Personal Trainer, go me)  V has enjoyed lots of Liam time (with the tv blissfully off, wahoo) and I've so enjoyed listening to the two of them giggle the morning away!

We got our first snowfall Friday night and while most of it has already melted away it's officially Liam's first winter.  I'm thinking about bundling him up and taking him out for a go in the stroller, we'll see.

I hope your Sunday is equally blissfully lazy.  I'll update about my latest visit to Dr T another time, for now I'm doing ok and we are starting to discuss long term stuff which is equal parts exciting and scary, more to come on that.

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