October 21, 2011

So...I'm gonna do a 5k....in 15 days....EK!

G'ma has Liam and asked for extra time with him AND my boss has been extra cool lately and let me leave early so I got a ton done before I would have even been off work, including a workout all with pay!  Happy Friday to me! 

Also I may have signed up for my first 5k today, its in 15 days! EK!  I may have lost the baby weight but eff am I out of shape!

So I went to the gym and thought to myself Ok, 3.1 miles, I got this, I can do this.  Yeah I ran .75 miles and had to stop.  I had to stop several times.  Really, I can't even run 3 miles!?!?! Eff.  Guess that is what I get to not working out for well over 6 months.  Ouch.  I did do the full 3 miles but it took me over an hour, due at least in part to my treadmill shut off after like 35 minute (over 2.2 miles).  I didn't know what to do, I didn't set the timer, I had to take time to clean it off and find another machine and start the rest, I moved on to my old friend the Elliptical and finished out at a slower pace.  *Side note PLEASE clean your machines after you are done at the gym, it's part of the deal, I don't want to touch your sweat any more than you wan to touch mine..  Anyway I burned over 400 calories in about an hour and did just over 3 miles so that is good.  I'm gonna try it again in the morning. 

I can't believe I'm doing a 5k, I've always wanted to be a running, guess everyone has to start somewhere.  Oh by the way it's pretty likely that we'll have snow on the day of the 5k.  EK!!!!

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