February 15, 2011

17 weeks to go!

  • Weighty Issues: Yikes, I've been eating like crazy lately, seriously you can not satisfy my hunger....I'm pretty nervous to be weighed this afternoon, which is why I'm blogging right now, you peeps are a great distraction!
  • Stretch Marks: Just the one on my right breast so far, I see another one starting on the other boob :(
  • Sleep: Ummmm I feel asleep last night (Valentine's Day) at 8pm and got up only to pee a couple times, officially waking at 6:30am reluctantly :)
  • Best Moment this week: I'll get to hear his sweet heart beat later today, later this week we'll FINALLY start painting the nursery!
  • Food: I have discovered a local restaurant that makes the most amazing.....meat loaf.....I know, I KNOW! But it's sssoooo good and the portions are huge so you can have left overs the next day (or later that night *blushes*)
  • Clothes: Maternity all day everyday!  I have a few of V's old t-shirts and some jammie pants that I bought like 3 sizes bigger that I sleep in :)
  • Labor signs: God forbid! I hope I never even experience Braxton Hicks Contractions.
  • Belly Button: It's official, it's flat!  I showed my bare belly to my bestie this weekend and she was like "oh look at that dimple" ummm that is were it used to be pierced and other used to be the inside of my belly button! LOL!
  • What I miss: Soon I'll miss being able to put on my own shoes, seriously it's like I have a basketball in the way! LOL! I love it though!
  • What I’m looking forward too: Hearing his heartbeat today and starting the nursery this weekend!!! WOOT!
  • Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!"
  • Weekly WTF: What is up with how people judge a pregnant woman?  Seriously!  I am so sick of hearing "you are so small!" Thanks but I'm right on track so please stop making me fear my baby isn't getting what he needs.  I equally detest the people who find it funny to say "are you sure it's not twins" that is NOT funny!  Pregnancy should be the one judgement free time in a woman's life when she is simply considered nothing short of beautiful and amazing! PERIOD!
  • Nesting: Only three more days and it begins!
  • Milestones: If I'm laying down and he kicks really hard I can see my belly move!  That means he's getting stronger and stronger!
  • For more on the development of a 23 week baby click HERE.


  1. Oh no Jen, I have a warning for you... in the last month of my 1st pregnancy, I grew a lovely stretchmark where my old belly button piercing once was... I hope you don't have this too... it's not a pretty sight! haha.

  2. I can't believe this! Time has gone by so fast and you are already over halfway done with your pregnancy. D-Day will be here before you know it! Glad to see you are feeling well. Love you girl!