February 18, 2011

Healthy Cravings

This fine Friday (aren't all Fridays fine?) I'm taking part in a photo challenge over at Razmataz, I'm not the most skilled photographer but I do enjoy it and Chania has me thinking outside of my box.  This weeks topic was FOOD, easy enough for a pregnant girl considering I'm always hungry!

Raw green beans and white mushrooms...

Cherry tomoatos.....

Turkey Burger Meatballs (adapted from Biggest Loser Cookbook) and brown rice..... YUM!


  1. Jen, I love your photos. Don;t veggies photograph so beautifully? Is there any food that you can't stand since being pregnant?

  2. Yummy! That looks delicious! Good choice for a photo :)

  3. O yeah I love fresh foods, and prefer fresh most of the time, I'm thinking now of having some raised bed gardens. I am new follower visitng from Razmataz Friday photo challenge..FOOD!

  4. I was always hungry with my first baby and gained SOOOO much weight. It appears you are eating much healthier foods than I did and photographing them too!

    Enjoy the weekend and blessings on the wee one.


  5. I'm definitely not pregnant, but have been craving carrots. Never had a craving while I had the opportunity to be.

  6. Looks like a great meal! Keep up the healthy eating! Kit

  7. The tomatoes and green beans add a lovely splash of contrast in your photos. Looks like a yummy meal.