February 10, 2011


So facebook, it really affects our lives doesn't it?  I can admit I check it everyday at least once, I love keeping up with friends, seeing their pictures etc, heck I've even "friended" my news station for mini-updates throughout the day.  But it's not always good, I recall while going through our fertility issues it was exhausting/frustrating and most days just plain difficult to see the updates from friends who were pregnant, even if it was a struggle for them to get there.  I hid many of them, especially the ones that seemed to get pregnant by simply looking at their husband/boyfriend/some guy.  Some of them are still hidden, for various reasons.

But now I am the hidden friend.  I can tell because friends who used to comment on my status' or photos don't anymore.  I don't blame them, I remember being in their shoes and I did the same thing, I had to because the pain was to great.  But at the same time I try to make my status' varied and not always baby related because I still have an identity outside my pregnancy as I will once I'm a mother.  I like sharing my milestones with people and celebrating them and I will continue to.  I know my freinds' pain and I hurt for them, I cry for them and I'm always praying they too will be blessed.  But I can't lie it makes me deeply sad to know I'm now the hidden one. 

I'm not sure this post really has a point, it's just something that has been rambling through my mind for a few days and I needed to get it out.


  1. Hey I have a question...were you ever confirmed to have PCOS? I was just diagnosed with it on Friday and am lost. I got off the pill in July and only have had 2 periods since then and that was due to Provera. They now want me to take Clomid, but I am hearing all about a low carb/sugar diet that I should try first. I need guidance...would you care to add me on FB or email me? It's Mallory Prewett Thompson or FB or zizzer05@hotmail.com


  2. :(
    you will remain unhidden on my end :)