February 8, 2011

154 days pregnant

  • Weighty Issues:  Up a total of 13 thus far, next weigh in 2/15 at dr's office. 
  • Stretch Marks:  Sadly I have my frist pregnancy stretch mark....oh my right BOOB!  YIKES!
  • Sleep:  I adore thee sleep!  The more the better!
  • Best Moment this week:  I'm working hard to cherish each moment, but I sure do love when I get a good strong kick, too bad they are usually when I'm at work V has only felt the one kick.
  • Food:  I'm still craving the usual (oranges, pineapple and cucumbers) but in addition I love Twix Bars!  Yum!  Still dealing with heartburn too but TUMS are helping with that!
  • Clothes:  Pretty much all maternity all the time, it's just more comfortable!
  • Labor signs:  God forbid!  I hope I never even experience Braxton Hicks Contractions
  • Belly Button:  Is super shallow, it will be an outie soon!  You can easily see what was formerly the bottom, weird!  And it hurts or is sore most of the day now....groooooowing pains!
  • What I miss:  Nothing, espcially after all the tradgy I've heard about this week there is nothing at all I miss!
  • What I’m looking forward too:  Painting the nursery, hopefully this weekend!  Let the nesting begin!
  • Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!"
  • Weekly WTF:  WTF winter, go away!
  • Nesting:  Stay tuned!
  • Milestones: He almost weighs a pound!
For more on the development of a 22 week baby click HERE.

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