August 2, 2011

Quality not Quantity

Today I returned to work, this morning as I drove Liam to drop him off I cried trying to talk to him.  I cried as I dropped him off and cried as I drove to work.  It's the most unnatural thing in the world to leave your newborn knowing you won't see him all day.

Liam did fine.  He seemed to enjoy the fact that he was with someone new.  A, who watched Liam for us, sent me texts throughout the day letting me know how much he had ate, when he napped etc.  It was so wonderful.  Only one of my coworkers was in the office and my boss was out of was actually really nice to have a quiet first day in the office.  My coworker and I chatted most of the day and she even treated me to ice cream to get the day to go by.  I stayed fairly busy learning a email email program and the day was over before I knew it.

While I may not get the number of hours with Liam I decided to make the best of the hours I do have.  I'm only blogging right now because he's sleeping...snuggling on Dadda's nap.  I've made three nights' worth of dinners, which are now in the fridge for enjoyment throughout the week.  This will allow me more quality time with not only Liam but V.  (For those interested I filled my oven with chicken breasts to bake, big turkey burger meat balls, and seasoned baby-red potatoes...I'll add these items to pasta& salads and other sides that I can make quickly throughout the week.)

Quality not quantity, right?


  1. I am soooo glad your first day back went okay. You are a very strong woman and Liam will love you all the more for what you have to do. Kit

  2. This is my biggest fear if I have to go back to work! Thanks for helps to hear others get through it just fine!