August 6, 2011

The Room that Love Built

I was cleaning up Liam's room today and got to thinking how loved we are.  The room pre-Liam was....well I serious work in progress, I really should have taken before pics but I didn't want to remember it!  Below I've attached a few pics of things people have made or give us for Liam's room, it makes it such a special place! 

My bestie's mom bought Liam these jelly fish on the OR coast and I painted the fish!

Liam's G'pa created this built-in closet and shelves, my bestie made the pillows and I made the letters (and painted the turtle).

The mobile my bestie made and the shark V painted.

I painted these creature and my bestie got me the lotion whale!


  1. I love your nursery! This was such a sweet post. :) I'm glad we could all contribute to that happy place! Love you!

  2. When I saw the jelly fish, I got all teary. They look great in the nursery. It is such a lovely space for him to grow up in. Great job! Kit