August 12, 2011

8 Weeks Postpartum

Weighty Issues: Yesterday I went in to have an IUD inserted, since Liam was technically naturally conceived we decided to do birth control for now, never in a million years would I have guessed I'd voluntarily go back on birth control.  ANYWAY my point is I was weighed and have lost 38 pounds and have ~7lbs remaing to loose.  I have a long way to go toning wise before I feel like me again....

Stretch Marks: In the final days of my pregnancy I had two patches of stretch marks show on each side of my belly button, since Liam was born my breasts are literally covered in stretch marks.  The ones on my tummy are fading pretty well already.  More than you ever wanted to know, isn't it?

Sleep: Liam still doesn't have a consistent sleep pattern, he's really good about going right back to sleep after being changed and fed at night so at least we have that.  Also V has taken the first feeding of the night, so I can get a few extra uninterrupted hours.

Best Moment this week: Saturday I got up with Liam around 6:45am and fed him, he was bright eyed and bushy tailed so we played on his play-mat, he told me stories (aka made noises) and smiled a ton.  It just melted my heart!

Food: I'm kinda in a food funk, I mostly just want salads, fruit etc.  The usual for me but I am so over cooking lately!

Clothes: Yikes, I could write a book.  All the remaing weight is in my belly, total muffin-top. Gross!  I can wear a few of my pre-pregnancy work-pants and skirts but it's fairly limited and I'm determined to not be this size long so I refuse (*coughs* too cheap *coughs*) to buy more's not a good cycle.  I'm officially not wearing any of my maternity clothes anymore, I sorta miss some of them though.

Labor signs: Almost all signs of labor are gone, meaning I am officially healed "down there". I'm scared of sex though....

Belly Button: Looks somewhat like it did before. The line running from my breast to my southern region is pretty light, I imagine it will be gone in another month or two, not that it will see the light of day anytime soon.

What I miss: I miss being pregnant, feeling Liam kick and getting to talk to him all day.  I miss not missing him.  I miss not having to constantly calculate how long things will take and if I can realistically fit any given activity into my day. 
What I’m looking forward too: It's Friday I have three whole days together ahead of me and I'm so excited!  Monday it's just me and Liam.  Need I say more?
Weekly Wisdom: Buy baby gas drops, they are a life saver!  Always cover your little guys' penis every time, he will pee on you when you least expect it.  When your breasts start to tingle go pump, no one likes to leak through their bra and shirt at work.  Give baby a bottle early (~3weeks) even if you want to only breastfeed, there will come a time when baby needs a bottle and you want them to be used to it (we did and Liam goes bottle to boob no problem).  Paci's are ok and not the devil.

Weekly WTF: None...yet...this week anyway! :)

Nesting: HA! I don't have the time or energy, since I get up all night with Liam so most of the house chores fall on V, he's done ok with them (this was his preference).  I do what I can to keep the house respectable but our priority is spending time with Liam.

Milestones: Liam is EIGHT weeks old, he smiles and makes the cutest noises!  He looks at his different toys and enjoys being on his play-mat and swatting at the hanging toys.  He's a very happy baby that only cries when something is wrong (usually a wet diaper because he HATES being wet or a gas bubble.) 

For more on the development of a EIGHT Week Old Baby click HERE.

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