July 30, 2011

Yard Sale.....

Coming to you live from my yard!  Oy, what was I thinking when I decided to have a yard sale?  Oh yeah, I was thinking I could make a few dollars and get rid of some of my junk.....er treasures.  LOL!  I'm the opposite of a hoarder, I'm always getting rid of stuff, usually I donate it but this summer I decided to do my first yard sale....it may turn out to be my last too.  I've been open for business for almost 3 hours and made about $15.  I thought I'd at least make $50 but perhaps I was daydreaming, or just dreaming in general. LOL!
At least it's a beautiful summer morning,  I've treated myself to a Starbucks frappuccino (the kind you buy at the gas station) and I've slipped off my shoes to enjoy the breeze.  Liam is inside enjoying some daddy time which is good for all of us.  I love that boy with ever inch of my soul but momma needs a little mental space (and physical space) sometimes.  On a random side note, I've seen a truck marked with the University logo drive by at least 9 times in 3 hours, what is that woman doing?
I suppose I could have forked out the cash to list my yard sale in the paper but I have two thoughts about that 1. who reads the paper anymore?  2. it's far too expensive and cuts into my profit margin.  LOL!  I hung up some signs last night and I've gotten good feed back on the location of them, hopefully there are still some people driving around just waiting to buy my treasures.   Looks like I might end up loading up my treasures and donating them anyway, momma's getting bored!  LOL!

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