August 10, 2011

Week in Review: 1st Week Back at Work

Well I made it through my first week back at work.  In truth it wasn't nearly as bad ad I thought it would be.  I'm certain it was more difficult for me than Liam.  Part of me has enjoyed getting up, dressed and out of the house each day and the adult conversation is nice.  I miss Liam everyday but I get texts from A (who watches him for us) and my boss has let me leave early a few times.  The routine is really nice, Liam has settled right into it and we were able to make it to church this weekend without any extra effort.  And let's face it the extra money coming it helps, our savings took a hit while I was on maternity leave and only collecting 60% of my wages. 

So to review:

Monday: Last day of maternity leave, spent most of the day snuggling and crying.
Tuesday: First day back in the office, cried 3 times & pumped 4 times.  Made weeks worth of main dishes that night, didn't cook the rest of the week!
Wednesday: Second day back in the office, got a good size raise!  Only teared up once, pumped 3 times
Thursday: Third day back in the office, feeling good about routine before work and at work (pumped 3 times).  Now I have a stash of breast milk!
Friday:  Fourth day back in office, G'ma and G'pa took Liam for the whole day; V and I ventured out to dinner and a movie.  Missed my little man like crazy, cried going to pick him up (perhaps the next date will be just dinner). Only pumped four times that day, by the time we picked up Liam my boobies were going to explode!

Saturday:  Liam woke up at 7am ready to be changed, eat and play!  We enjoyed some time on his play mat batting at toys, smiling and giggling.  He fell back asleep about 9am, V was still sleeping so I put Liam in his bassent in our room (and told V) and ventured off to the gym for a glorious 30 minute workout (only 30 minutes because Momma is out-of-shape!).  Liam and I had lunch with a friend at 1pm and spent the rest of the day with V.

Sunday: Liam was up at 7am again ready for the day so V and I got up and took turns playing with and getting him ready and getting ready ourselves, we were out the door for church on time!  After church we went home and enjoyed the rest of the day finishing up house chores, napping and playing together.   What a perfect weekend!

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  1. You make me so proud. :) I just beam with pride. You have been doing an amazing job of being a mama. Everyone knows the baby milestones, but ya can't forget about the mommy milestones too--like going back to work. Tough stuff but you're doing great!