August 25, 2011

What I'm Loving....

 So every once in a while I like to rave about a few things I'm loving, here is the current list:

Pale Polishes:  I have a pale purple on my toes and a almost white pink on my fingers.  I love them both!  I feel pretty and I can pretend to be somewhat tan!  And let's not lie I love being able to paint my own toes again!

Built-in-Bra Tanks:
Yep, after a long day at work I usually slip one of these bad boys on so Liam has unlimited access to the milk factory, and lets face it they are comfy!

French Vanilla Coffee:  Momma's coffee addiction is in full force!  I even bought a cheap coffee maker, beans and a cute mug with a lid.  There is no turning back now. (p.s. when you search google images for cute coffee mugs the worlds ugliest mugs come up! This was the cream of the crop and it's not so cute...oh well)

Baja Salad:  From Wendy's....omg....I love, love, love this thing!  I don't use the dressing because I don't ever use dressing and I only use a little chili but there is something about the onions, cilantro, guacamole and fresh greens! I've been eating this salad for months!

Learn and Grow Bible:  We've started reading this to Liam, not exactly every night but most nights or at some point in the evening.  He seems to really enjoy it! :)

Sleep:  Nothing new there, but the hubby let me sleep in both days this weekend.  I had grand plans of getting up early and hitting the gym or taking the dogger on a jog....then I heard the sweetest words V has ever spoken "do you want me to take Liam and you can sleep in?"  Cue me doing this:

So what are you loving?

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