August 15, 2011

Hello 4am

I knew this would happen one day, but today?  Liam turned 2 months yesterday and his dad let him sleep almost all day, I warned him this would happen, did he listen?  Of course not, he doesn't stay up when Liam gets up at night.  So here I am, killing time at 4am while Liam is WIDE awake.  Fear not, he's in his crib, totally content (I have the monitor right next to me and our house is small enough I can hear him making noises).  I just pray this doesn't throw his days and nights off completely, we've been so blessed, Liam has always slept at night, at least in a few hour windows.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day, luckily I took the day off in advance cuz I'm already so tired I feel sick.  I hear cereal calling my name.

Update:  Last night turned out to be a success in sheep's clothing!  (I think I'm using that metaphor wrong but it's because I'm exhauted!) I was able to put Liam in his crib and he slept there, only for two hours but it's a start!  Now we are enjoying my [extra] day off together AND he's napping in his crib!!! Glorious success!

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  1. Sleepy mama! I hope he's back in his routine!! :D