August 21, 2011

E is for best friend

I have a pretty amazing best friend, and the ironic part is that when we met a good seven years ago we couldn't stand each other.  Today I honestly can't picture my life without her.  She is more like a sister these days and I honestly consider her Liam's aunt with every inch of my heart and soul.  It's funny because she does things I'd never expect of anyone and she does them with a smile on her face.  Come to my infertility appointment? Sure!  Come to all my scary blood tests? Sure!  Show up at the hospital at 4am just to sit in a waiting room?  Sure!!!  Listen to countless hours of conversation about my breasts, vagina or Liam's pop? Absolutely!
She is loving, kind, smart, funny and just all around amazing!  What would I do with her?  I don't ever want to know! Thank you Jesus for E, you knew how much I'd need her in my life!


  1. I agree she is one special girl. And she makes me proud every day. I am so glad she has a friend like you too. You make me proud also. Kit

  2. You make me cry happy tears! :) I love you like crazy and I don't know what I'd do without you either! The Lord knew what he was doing when he gave us this friendship. :) This post was exactly what I needed today!