May 4, 2011

Not Great News.....

*Please note if you are my "in real life" friend I have yet to share this information with virtually anyone other than V so please do not do anything silly like write something on my facebook wall etc, thanks*

So... I had my 34 week appointment yesterday, I thought it would be a routine appointment (weigh-in, blood pressure, pee in a cup, Doppler, questions and done).  Not so much.  My weight shot up, my dr came in and mentioned it (while looking at my chart) then took one look at my very swollen feet and became immediately concerned "that's where your weight is!"  Ut oh.  I had noticed my feet are swollen but I guess I didn't think it was that bad, wrong-o.  Essentially my dr is pretty worried I'm developing Preeclampsia (for more info on that go HERE.) I was given an internal exam told told about signs to look for and my appointments were moved up to weekly (that was orginally planned to happen in 3 weeks).  My dr made it very clear how concerned he is about my and little guy's health and safety, preeclampsia is no joke. 

I went home and tried to take nap until V came home, that was an epic failure, I just lay on the sofa trying to will him to come home faster.  Once home, I gave him a moment to sit down before explaining what is going on, what to look out for and the possible outcomes as I understand them.  V remained pretty calm and I'm so thankful for that because I'm scared, I really needed him to be my rock and he was, thank God for him!  The thought that I could wake up tomorrow more swollen and they would have to take our son by emergency c-section is terrifying thought to say the least.  I know that my dr would only do that if/when it's in the best interest of both baby and I but it's still scary.

So now I guess we play a waiting game.  Wait to see what each day brings. I've decided to cut a lot of things out of my schedule and to just go home after work and try to relax each day.  *I'm not on bed rest but my dr did ask me to take it easy*  I know I have no control over this, I can't cause it or stop it but I can't help but feel like if I go home and rest each day that the little guy is benefiting from it.

There are a few loose ends V and I are going to have to tie up.  We still have a few items we haven't picked up for little guy yet that we are going to have to get just in case.  It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that he could be here any day now, literally.  I don't want my baby to come pre-term but if it's what is best for him then so be it.  This is all in God's hands and there is no better place for it. 

Poor Marshmallow Man, I can relate (a little).

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