May 14, 2011

Lovely Saturday

It has been the most lovely Saturday, I just must reflect upon it! :) (fancy words right?)  LOL!

Thankfully I got to sleep in this morning, V was supposed to go fishing but it's rather windy (which I guess is not ideal for fishing, who knew) instead he stayed home to spend his last Saturday with his video games.  I had a lovely time lounging and getting ready at my leisure before heading off to lunch with my bestie.  I was so excited when we changed up our usual lunch place, I've been craving a specific salad and she was game (even though she really wanted Italian Nachos)!  We chatted and munched away before heading off to the mail, we each had an errand to run there.  After that we went to paint pottery at a local place.  We hadn't done it in about a year but it's the most relaxing task ever and relatively affordable.  She made a pony and I a fish back.  We were the only ones there so we left the music off and chatted every so often while enjoying the silence as well.  Afterward I dropped her off and decided I needed some coffee flavored ice cream (my newest thing).  I happily munched on my ice cream and finished my thank you notes from my second shower (pictures of both are coming, I swear!).  Now home the few things I really wanted to get done have been achieved, I feel well rested and have no more plans for the night!  Since V played video games he's fending for himself for dinner (I'll finish the rest of my yummy salad) and we'll probably watch a move.
As I sit here letting out a sigh I am so content, our life it's what others would want theirs to be but we love it, I'm so happy and content and just ready for all the changes our little guy will bring.....I don't think I could be happier!

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  1. I had such an awesome day with you! Glad we could spend the day together, make art, and enjoy the weather. Love you!