May 23, 2011

Hard to believe

Hard to believe...seems like an understatement. 

With everything we've been through in the last almost two years, it's hard to believe tomorrow little guy will be full term.  Tomorrow, should he choose to come, he'd be perfectly fine, healthy, ok.  I'm pretty sure I didn't believe we'd make it to this day, with all the spotting, sickness and swelling I think there was a part of my brian that refused to accept as reality that he'd make it all the way here.  Now there is a room painted blue, lots of clothes and items to welcome him not to mention two parents who just can't wait to hold him (and countless family members both of blood and not).  I just can't wrap my head around it all!  I'm so ready for him to be here, and it feels good to say that knowning if he came he'd be ok.

Little guy, if you are listening I can't wait to meet you but I really think you should be a June baby so at least 8.5 more days ok? 

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