May 18, 2011

T-Minus Less Than 30 Days!

Weighty Issues: I'm done answering this question, not because I'm ashamed of the way I've treated my body or fed my son in the last ~9 months but because I'm swellling a lot and retaining a lot of water (my dr estimates around 10lbs!). I refuse to report my weight each week knowing this because, yes it will hurt my feelings. So there you have it.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report here, belly is free and clear but the boobies are the opposite (and I think are going through another growth spirt so I've been rocking a huge sports bra daily!)

Sleep: I haven't been sleeping well lately...such is life though.

Best Moment this week:  Every moment is amazing!

Food: I'm digging strawberries on my cereal each morning and Iced Tea....mmmmm!

Clothes: Maternity, end of story.

Labor signs: Only 6 DAYS and I'll be full term so at this point I'm ok with when-ever little guy decides to make his apperance!  Bring on the contractions!

Belly Button: No hope of it going back in at this point, I wonder if it will ever look the same (although let's face it I don't actually remember what it looked like before, lol!)

What I miss: Nothing at all.  I can handle anything for the short period of time I have left with him.

What I’m looking forward too: His BIRTHday. I want so much to see what he looks like, hear his little cry, hold him, see his daddy hold him.

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!"

Weekly WTF: I don't think I have one this week. Life isn't always easy but it's always good.

Nesting: I'm a bit too large to do too much, V usually runs around behind me asking me to "please SIT DOWN" and takes over whatever I'm doing....yes I have used this to my advantage recently.  :)  I did spend some time on Sunday scrubbing my car only to have it rain the whole next day and a bird poop on it three times while I was at

Milestones: At this point all little guy has to do is sit back and gain weight! He is about 6lbs and 18 inches according to my book!

For more on the development of a 35 week old baby click HERE.


  1. you know, I am blaming a bulk of my weight on fluid too! I feel like I've really held it in my lower back and arms oddly enough and I too think it will drop very soon after!

  2. I am getting so excited for you. You have done an amazing job so far and when he arrives you are going to be the best Mommy. :) Kit