May 24, 2011

Full Term!!!

Weighty Issues: I'm done answering this question, not because I'm ashamed of the way I've treated my body or fed my son in the last ~9 months but because I'm swellling a lot and retaining a lot of water (my dr estimates over10lbs!). I refuse to report my weight each week knowing this because, yes it will hurt my feelings. So there you have it.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report here, belly is free and clear but the boobies are the opposite (and I think are going through another growth spirt so I've been rocking a huge sports bra daily!)

Sleep: Depends on the day, er night.  By the end of the day my feet are so swollen they feel like one giant bruise, they hurt enough to wake me from a dead sleep if one touches the other....It's getting increasingly difficult to get out of bed phsycially but other than that I'm trucking right a long.

Best Moment this week: I'm loving his wiggles more than ever today, they just feel extra special knowing how limited they are!

Food: Strawberries and Almonds!!

Clothes: Maternity, end of story...have I mentioned my clothes are starting to not fit and I'm totally unwilling ot buy more? Ek!

Labor signs: Only ZERO DAYS and I'll be full term so at this point I'm ok with when-ever little guy decides to make his apperance! Bring on the contractions!

Belly Button: No hope of it going back in at this point, I wonder if it will ever look the same (although let's face it I don't actually remember what it looked like before, lol!)  I wonder if I'll ever want to wear my belly ring again?  I was so sad to take it out!

What I miss: Nothing at all.

What I’m looking forward too: His BIRTHday. I want so much to see what he looks like, hear his little cry, hold him, see his daddy hold him.

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!"

Weekly WTF: I don't think I have one this week. Life isn't always easy but it's always good.

Nesting: I'm a bit too large to do too much, V usually runs around behind me asking me to "please SIT DOWN" and takes over whatever I'm doing....yes I have used this to my advantage recently. :) I finished our registry last weekend with the help of my bestie and re-orgainized some things in little guy's room.  But as for real cleaning not so much.

Milestones: At this point all little guy has to do is sit back and gain weight! He is about 6 1/3 lbs and 19 inches according to my book!

For more on the development of a FULL TERM 37 week old baby click HERE.

A big congrats to my dear friend J and her hubby G who welcomed baby Grady into the world yesterday!

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  1. Yay! Full term! I remember in the beginning when you'd fill these out and under Labor Signs you'd write "none of that!" LOL. Now it's finally time! So excited!