May 9, 2011

Rain, Rain....I'm ok if you stay.

It's been raining here, not everyday and the forecast says it will stop later in the week and *gasp* warm into the seventies.  But last night it rained all night, I couldn't sleep and when I did manage to fall asleep V would wake me (he talks in his sleep).  I had the window near our bed cracked, I just lay there listening to the gentle sound of the rain and feeling the cool air circulate in our room, I so enjoyed it.  If I had my way I'd sleep with our noise machine on rain every night but V can't sleep with it on, last night nature gave me the sounds although it didn't help me sleep it was glorious, .  As I lay there the little guy would give me a kick/punch or two, probably trying to get comfortable enough to sleep himself, I rather enjoyed it though.  My days carrying him are numbered and God himself only knows if V and I will have more children so I cherish each moment I share with my child inside me.  It wouldn't really bother me if it rained every night this week, even if I'm awake to hear it, rain rain I'm ok if you stay.

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  1. Yay for rain! It does sound relaxing, doesn't it? Sorry you couldn't sleep, but at least you enjoyed the weather! :)