April 15, 2011

Up and Up

Ok so after yesterday's whine post and some good quality time with V last night I'm feeling so much better!  Not to mention my bestie has been emailing me at work today.  (She is always so upbeat, she really helps me keep things in perspective!)  It really just helps to get things out sometimes, at least for me, it really helps me to process and not feel so overwhlemed.  I used to journal, now I have you guys. :)

So with that said I've decided to post 10 happy things, after all we can choose our attitude right?
  1. My second (and final) shower is tomorrow.  Two of V's aunts are throwing it for me, this makes me feel so special and again the love for my unborn son just humbles me to my core.  Not to mention my bestie will be my date (aka buffer and probably protector from people who say stupid things!)
  2. The weather is getting nicer, albeit slowly.  Yesterday I left work to run an errand and the sun was so warm and wonderful, the sky was half bright blue and have dark and cloudy but the sun was shining!  It was so refreshing I took the long way home!
  3. I got a pedicure, with fun details a week ago and my toes still look nice so I can sport sandals this weekend!
  4. All the people I was worried about/scared for seem to be doing well. 
  5. Next week is my birthday, I don't have plans yet (intentionally) but I know it will be nice and it will begin the year of my life that I become a Mommy!  That and I'm getting my car detailed as my gift to myself (I think this is part of nesting but I've wanted it done forever!)
  6. Today at work is going by quickly!  Tonight I'm going to ask V to assemble our amazing stroller my bestie's mom got us!  I'm dying to see it put together!  While he does that I'm going to work on a top secret gift for the loved ones in our family.  I think we'll order pizza and put on music and just enjoy a productive night!
  7. Grapes.  I am loving grapes, I've eaten green grapes everyday this week, I brought some to work and I'm about to munch on them!
  8. I'm feeling cute.  I know that sounds ridiculous but when you are carrying an extra 25lbs in front of you it becomes difficult to find things that make you feel cute, lately outfits have just worked! Yay!
  9. I can no longer wear my wedding rings, I'm bummed about this but I bought a fun fake one to wear in it's place.  While I miss my real rings I really like this one!
  10. I bought myself a massage on one of those deal websites and I've been saving it for when I want to use it.  I think I'll take a me day next week and use it!
  11. OMG how could I forget!!! Today is 60 days left until my due date, as of midnight I'll have less than 2 months until little one "should" be here!!!

Wahoo I found ten things, it was harder than I thought it would be but I did it and feel wonderful now!  Your turn, post ten (or eleven) things that are making YOU happy!  I want to read your posts!

Oh and just for fun, here is a image from the movie UP, I love movies made for 8 year olds and this one is wonderful.  Makes me smile to just think about it!


  1. So glad to see you are feeling better. I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow and for your birthday too! Congrats. Kit

  2. Oh I love your upbeat post! I just penned one of my "things i'm loving right now" posts so you'll have to go take a look. :) I love your optimistic outlook!