April 6, 2011

On the Road Again

Living in the Rockies has it's advantages and disadvantages (more advantages than disadvantages!).  One disadvantage, to me, is winter. :) Or perhaps it's just my perception of how long our winters are. :)  I mean that you can't go anywhere in wintertime.  Or at least I choose not too, I limit winter travel as much as possible and especially now with the bambino on board.  It's been a long winter here too, it's still chilly and we have "winter storm warnings" frequently (although not as frequently as in say December).  I can't recall the last time I left city limits, how boring!

Anyhow it's finally warm enough to travel again, my boss needed me to come with her to another market and train one of our employees on some programs she needs to be better at before my maternity leave.  It's over 2hrs there so a fair chunk of road time.  I didn't mind too much, I love road trips and always enjoy the scenery of our state.  The cities and towns are rather spread out so you get to see some ranch land and a lot of cattle.  I love cows, they look so sweet and cuddly, although I admit I've never been all that close to one.  As the miles speed away and the boss and I chatted about everything under the sun (or so it felt) I watched the cows and their new babies, even pointing out a few of the "cuter" ones.  Thankfully my boss thinks cows are cute too or I would have looked like a total weird-o!  I so regret not taking my camera, although she may have found this extra odd! LOL!

As we approached a turn off back to a more major interstate/highway on our way home I saw the cutest of all things, a totally black calf chasing a totally white calf! (I assume it was the mommy cow not too far behind who was both black and white!)  Oh it made me giggle!

I guess I'm a simple girl and simple things make me happy but I wanted to record this before I forgot!

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