April 17, 2011

Not sure were to start...

This might be rather rambly, I apologize in advance if so.  I don't even know where to start, but I need to get some things out. 

Friday morning started out with me realizing half way to work that my cell phone was still at home charging.  For the first time EVER (literally) I decided it could stay there.  I worked the hours away while my co-workers had a spat, and around 3pm realized I should see if I had any voice mails, feeling sure I wouldn't have any I navigated logging into my voicemail from my desk phone.  Ut oh, 3 messages.....that's unusual....  V's uncle had passed away, his mom had been trying to reach me since 8am. Shit. I frantically tried to call V but my work phone comes up "unavailable", six tries later I couldn't reach him.  And of course I can't recall mom-in-laws phone number.  I literally shout to my boss in her office what is going on and tearfully ask to leave, she is so kind and allows me to leave.  I grab what I can think of and dash out.  I get home and reach mom-in-law, she and a few family members are heading 3 hours away to comfort V's aunt and help arrange funeral stuff, no need for us to head over just yet.  V's aunt (who planned my shower for the next day) was in the car and so my shower would have to be rescheduled (not a problem with me).  I finally got ahold of V as well, poor guy this is the fourth loss in his family in the last two months.  He's fine but chooses to stay at work. V is the kind of guy who needs to deal with things on his own terms so I leave him be and dask off to run some errands, we all grieve in our own way and I need to keep busy.

Before I know it Saturday is upon us, the bestie and I decide to do lunch since my shower is temporarily cancelled.  She has been so great to me I sneak off early to get her a gift before hand.  It's hard to describe my bestie well in mere words but she's the most amazing bestie a girl could ask for.  I decided she needed a thank you/congratulations you are going to be an auntie gift.  A blue ipod seemed perfectly fitting.  I tearfully explained my gratitude for her and explained it was actually a gift from the little guy.  She loved it!  Success!  We scurried off and had a great lunch full of chatter.  We ran a few errands and scored some good deals at a scrap booking place that is closing, before we knew it the afternoon was gone and I was one tired momma so we called it a day.

This morning V and I rose bight and early for church, we don't always make it these days but today just worked with ease, with a gift!  V's mom and dad had not yet returned so after church V and I ran another errand and grabbed a salad and take-and-bake pizza.  At home V spent all of four minutes (literally) assembling our amazing stroller my besite's mom got us!  It is so cool, I really wanted to take it for a walk but not wanting to risk appearing crazy we decided against it.  We ate and snuggled on the sofa eventually both of us napped at some point, while I was napping V had his hand on my belly and the little guy kicked HARD waking me up and shocking V, LOL!  The look on V's face was priceless!

That is pretty much where we are, the weekend started pretty rocky and my shower is cancelled for now but I had some really great time with my bestie and V. Tomorrow I'll be a year older, we'll see if V remembers...I've left all the hints I'm going to so it's all up to him.  Tuesday I have my 32 week appointment, I can't wait to hear the little guys heartbeat!  And a friend from high school is due with her first child on Tuesday!  Sounds like a pretty good week to me, if nothing else it will be better than last week!

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  1. Your love for my daughter makes me feel so good. To see my girl have such a friend like you pleases me emmensely. We all wish that for our kids. Glad the stroller went together okay. I can't wait for you to be able to use it. Kit