April 14, 2011

Difficult Times

I apologize in advance for the whine post that follows but I just need a place to get all this out....

This week has been really hard.  Although I have to admit 99% of the difficulties are outside of my personal life.  You see I'm one of those people that is affected by other's rough times, as in you are going through a hard time and talk to me about it and maybe you cry etc, well I'll cry too.  I've been this way for several years now and pregnancy hormones only perpetuate this.  I'm not complaining (yet) I'm just stating what might not be obvious to you about me.

So we'll start with one of my dear friends, her parents are getting divorced after 30 years and it just keeps getting messier and messier. Add to that her brother is moving across the country for an undetermined amount of time oh and her cat is dying.  Oh AND she is a pregnant (so add pregnancy hormones to the mix).  So this week is her birthday, this week her parents are fighting, her cat will be putt down and her brother left.  Not fun.

Then one of my other pregnant friends notices a decrease in her baby's movements.  Not unusual for someone later in her 3rd trimester but her dr decided to be cautious and do a Non Stress Test (for more info on those go here).  Baby failed the test, badly.  So she is sent to have a Biophysical Ultrasound (for more info on those go here).  It was a really tense day, all this started at 10am and we didn't find out until after 5pm that her baby had passed the Biophysical Ultrasound.  I was so afraid for her!  And let's not lie, I was afraid for me too, when someone in the same time frame as your pregnancy goes through something like that it in steals a bit a fear about your pregnancy too.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on this one because it's just not my place but I learned last night that one of the pastors of my church is leaving it.  This breaks my heart, while he's doing it for all the right reasons I'm selfishly sad.  He's become a big part of my, V and our unborn child's life and I already miss him.  His love and drive to serve God is inspiring and refreshing, he and his wife have become like family.  That and I'm just not good at seeing people leave in general.

Writing all that out makes me feel like not all that much has happened but it's taken an emotional toll on me.  I haven't slept well which makes me feel barfy and I'm hormonal.  I can't shake this general sad feeling.  I hate seeing those I love go through these things, even though I realize they are normal life events. 

I actually wrote this post several hours ago (shhh while at work).  I've been home for several hours with V, he made us dinner, we snuggled on the sofa and watched my girly shows and I'm feeling much better!

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  1. Hope you have a better weekend, I did a whine post earlier in the week, crappy week here too.