April 12, 2011

30+1 weeks!

Weighty Issues: I'm up a total of 25 as far as I know, next weigh-in is in one week (my appointments are now bi-weekly, crazy!)

Stretch Marks: Still just the ones in my bra-region

Sleep: Is wonderful, the last several nights I've only woken up once per night to tinkle!! WOW!

Best Moment this week: My bestie threw me the most wonderful, beautiful shower a girl could ask for! About 15 close friends attended and showered me and little guy with love!  Can't beat that! (I'll post about that soon, I need some more photos first)!

Food: I'm back to craving fruit, I think it helps that its finally in season! I have grapes, strawberries and an apple packed for work!

Clothes: Maternity, period. Just waiting on the weather to change so I can wear my capris and flip-flops!

Labor signs: Only six more weeks and I'll be full term BUT until at least then no-thank-you-please!

Belly Button: Is completely out! LOL! I don't mind it though! :)  I think you can even see it in pictures, unfortunately some people have taken to pushing on it like a button, um it's tender people!

What I miss: Nothing, my time baking this little guy is limited so I'm enoying it all!

What I’m looking forward too: My family shower is this Saturday and my bestie is attending with me, I'm a little nervous at the thought of being the center of attention for ~40 people but I'm sure it will be fine.

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!" And each pregnancy is a unique miracle no matter how many children you have (or pregnancies) treat it that way!

Weekly WTF: WFT bloody noses!  I thought I waved bye-bye to you in first tri! I don't like you!

Nesting: Um....I may have gotten lazy but it's on hold until after my shower this weekend, seems silly to put 1/2 the stuff way, ya know? 

Milestones: My book says he can now produce tears which is crazy to think about.  He's roughtly 16 inches and 3lbs!

For more on the development of a 31 week old baby click HERE.

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