April 5, 2011

Three-Zero Weeks

Weighty Issues: I'm up another 4lbs for a total of 25.  If I gain 1lb/week for the duration (which is normal and expected) I'll gain a total of 35, perfectly normal and health and I'm totally ok with it.  All that matters to me is that little guy is measuring right on track and therefore totally healthy.
Stretch Marks: New little ones starting on the boobes, still none on the belly! 

Sleep: I've been sleeping like it's my job lately!  Little guy must be having a growth spirt becuase I'm exhausted all the time!  (it's ok though!)

Best Moment this week: V and I ran errands on Sunday and I over did it a bit, we gave up early and prompty got my booty resting on the sofa.  I had no sooner sat down than little guy started booting away like he was scolding me for over doing it!  It made V and I both giggle (little guy was kicking so hard you could physically see it!)

Food: I've had hot coco everyday for....too many days to count, does that count?  Other than that I've been trying to kep it under control but I really want a treats! I'm also blaming the desire for treats on a growth spirt :)

Clothes: Maternity, period. One of my friends gave me a pair of maternity work pants, it feels so nice to have something different to wear to work.  I also found some cute maternity capris at a local maternity consignment place, now if only it would warm up so I can wear them! :)

Labor signs: God forbid! Unfortunately I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions a couple weeks ago, hopefully I never have more!

Belly Button: Is totally out!  LOL!  I really don't mind it at all though! :)

What I miss: Nothing, my time baking this little guy is limited so I'm enoying it all! (which is much easier since my back pain was pretty much eliminated by visiting a Chiroprator)

What I’m looking forward too: Pedicures with my bestie tomorrow night, the toes need some serious love! And my first shower on Saturday!!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!" And each pregnancy is a unique miracle no matter how many children you have (or pregnancies) treat it that way!

Weekly WTF: I got nothing this week.

Nesting: Is temporarily suspended until I can go more than 2 hours at home without falling asleep! :)

Milestones:  I read in my book the other day that little guy has a greater than 85% chance of survival now and with each passing day that increases dramatically.  Makes me feel so specail to be growing him and protecting him right now (as I eat a healthy salad). 

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  1. I can't believe you're 30 weeks along! So exciting! I'm glad you're enjoying your pregnancy so much, and you're doing such an amazing job at it! :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow and Saturday!