September 29, 2010

Two things I must share!

Hi my blog peeps, I have two stories I have to tell you.

First I feel like a small miracle has happened!! As most of you know I left my really stressful job almost two months ago, I took a pay cut but it's been so worth it.  Thankfully I learned my new job has amazing benefits that have already kicked in (they will cover our infertility treatment!).  Something I haven't told you is that I feared we'd only have these benefits for as little as one month because my company had been purchased (I was aware of this when I interviewed for the position), the FCC has finished the final paperwork and changes to anything could start as early as November of this year (meaning we could loose our amazing insurance shortly after getting it).  I was terrified of our insurance changing because it would limit our ability to get infertility treatment.  I've been praying and asking God for simple/small miracles, "please let us keep this insurance."  Today I got to work and learned we would keep all the same benefits through 2011. THANK GOD!!!

On to this evening, I was out to dinner with my childhood friend (you remember her sister Jamie passed away suddenly last summer) and another friend K & her girlfriend.  Long story short I was asked how the whole baby journey was going and started crying.  I  shared with them about my dr appt next week and infertility testing/potential treatments.  Little did I know K and her girlfriend want to have children and have been looking for information on how to go about fertility treatments in our area!  It ended up being a really great conversation and now we can support each other on our journeys to being mommies!  I feel so blessed.  I feel like this really is why God has us on this journey so we can open up to people and make them not feel so alone on this journey. 

Forget overflowing my cup is drowning.

I hope you are having a great night peeps!

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  1. Im so glad you had a marvelous day! I love ya girl!!!