September 8, 2010

Know what I love?

I am loving this break from trying to conceive stuff! I don't temp anymore so I don't fret over what tomorrow's temp means. Since I don't have access to my Fertility Friend Account (it's on hold) I can't obsess over my "symptoms" all day wondering if they will increase this or that. And I love the random intimate time with my dear husband. No more "we should probably, ya know, tonight" and trying to convince him with or without telling him I think maybe it will help us get pregnant, when the poor man just wants to watch tv or snuggle.
This break has been really good. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for my dr appt and to get things really going, I'm just choosing to enjoy the here and now. :)

What you you loving right now?


  1. Fall. this change in season. embracing being married/a wife. this present moment.

  2. Oh I'm glad to hear you are feeling so up! :) Keep enjoying September!

    What am I loving right now? The change of seasons!

  3. Yeah for you! What am I loving right now? A long weekend with no plans! Kit