September 6, 2010

Sometimes the Truth hurts.

Yesterday V and I went to church, like we do most Sundays. We've been going to the same church since before we started dating (that was early 2005). It's a good place that has become home and family for both of us. All churches experience growth, good times and bad and change and through it all we've always felt like it was the place for us. Even when the senior pastor changed and a good portion of the staff was laid off due to the recession. We can trust the staff and believe whole hearted in what is taught there. I guess what I'm trying to say is I always hear something, every weekend that makes me grow a little and we think that is super important in any church or place of worship.

This weekend was no exception. Our pastor spoke on James 5:7-11 and the message was about struggling and how sometimes you have to struggle to learn what God whats you to and to achieve his plan for you. I won't lie, part of me was like "??" But as our pastor went on to explain; struggling can be about active patience like a farmer with grain (not picking it too early so that you will benefit most from the fully rip grain stock), it's about nurturing and waiting and growing and then when the time is right you are harvested and fulfill what is planned for you. But another part of that is not grumbling and how grumbling (or complaining) is considered sinful. Again I was like "??" but when you grumble and complain you are really questioning God's will, plan and ultimately God himself. Also you are grumbling against those who have NOTHING to do with your suffering. (flash to me remembering grumbling about "she's pregnant now, how unfair!" and the message hits home). Instead of grumbling you need to humble yourself and wait on God's will and perfect timing.

Just another time where God is reinforcing that this TTC road V and I are on is his will. It's hard but we must remember not to grumble but to humbly turn to God and pray and wait for him to reveal his perfect timing when he will make us parents. (please note we believe God can and does act through modern medicine so we will still be going for testing in Oct and if treatment is recommended we will pray about it and do it if we feel it is right.)

I won't lie that message stung a little but I think sometimes the truth has to hurt to make us grow, ya know. I hope this touches you like it did me, and if you want a link to the actual message I would be glad to send that to you so you can get the full effect and not just my brief overview.

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