September 20, 2010

Fall's Rapid Approach

I don't know about you but where V and I live, fall is rapidly approaching. Our temps didn't get too high this summer (never over 100 which is unusual) and now they seem to have rested in the mid 60s for a while. The sky is overcast and we've had several rain showers. Yep fall is coming, quickly.
I would be lying if i said I was 100% ok with it, I love summer and never feel like I get enough hiking or time at the cabin in during our few hot summer months. Perhaps it's because our winters are so long here (I honestly think we get at least 6 months of fairly predictable snow fall) and our spring is usually long and wet. But it I could be the only one that feels this way, who knows. LOL!

The fall season is gorgeous here though. I was running an errand the other day and had the chance to drive in a part of town I don't frequent much since finishing my degree 3 years ago, I forgot how much I love this particular area. The mature trees are super tall and have been groomed in such a way it's almost like a tunnel of trees for a block or so, and when the leaves change it's breathtaking. I must remember to stroll over that way again in the next few weeks (I'll try to remember the camera to show you as well.)

I've don't struggle with the change of seasons, as sad as I am to see summer go I'm looking forward to fall and winter for so many reasons. And I know that spring and summer will come again. I guess that is where I am at right now, just looking forward to the good that is to come while trying to enjoy the change going on around me at the same time. My dr appt is 2 weeks away and I am more ready than ever, I am so ready to have some answers and a plan of action. Last weekend I had the chance to chat with a good friend who has dealt with and overcome the same fertility issues I am, it was so great to speak with someone who fully understands and is on the other side with her beautiful almost one year old baby girl. Perhaps I'm more ready for the coming season than even I realize.

What about you? Are you excited for Fall?

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  1. I am quite excited for fall! I just love it in this city. I know the tree lined area that you wrote about too! It is breathtaking when it starts to change! This is one of my favorite times of year and I hope it drags on for awhile. :D