September 24, 2010

Friday Photo Challenge! (Age)

So I follow this blog called RAZMATAZ and every Friday she has a fun photo challenge!  This week's topic is AGE!  I knew almost immediately what my subject would be! 

This is our dogger, how old would you say she is?

 Tust me she is plenty HYPER
But super sweet (after she gets to know you)

 V and I get asked daily how big we think she will get.  My answer (below)

"About that big."  Yep she is at least 7 years old which makes her in her 40's! 
My pics don't do her justice, she is only about 19lbs, but see those gray hairs...
...they are starting to show our girl's age! 
 Now, let's see your pics!


  1. So cute! I love my little dog niece! (She is aging very, very gracefully!) :D

  2. She is adorable! I too get asked when my Boston Terriers (who are 8 and 5)will reach full size. She looks like she has a little mischevious streak!

  3. She is so lovely. A dog is just so cute when it stats to get grey hairs.....

  4. Awe...she's adorable, and she's still a "baby" at seven...gray fur and all! ;)

    Have a lovely weekend...

  5. Just gorgeous...what a sweet face!