August 6, 2010

Leaving on My Terms

Today was the last day of my former job! I've day dreamed, wished, hoped, sometimes feared this day for a long time, and today it really occurred and now it's hard to believe it happened! It was hard not to burn bridges, more than once I wanted to just flip someone the bird and go out in a blur of angry obscenities, there has been a lot of prayer over the last few days. By the grace of God I managed to not flip anyone anything nor curse anyone out (yay!) mostly because I stayed really, really busy! I worked up until the last moment, a co-worker called wanting to have lunch together. I showed up and was surprised with a card signed by everyone, a gift, flowers and lunch with three of my favorite people! Lunch was so fun, we all vowed to stay in touch (and take yoga together!) in the end I filed my last paperwork with HR, handed in my keys and company phone and walked out very teary eyed. I'm sad to go but happy to move on, it's really been a hard couple of years but I choose not to regret it because I have made so many wonderful friendships and learned so much! Funny how blessings come in all sizes, shapes and forms!

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  1. Congrats on your new job and I am glad your old job treated you well as you exited. Good luck with your new position! Kit